Neighbor Charged With The Murder Of 3-Year-Old

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 14, 2011

The neighbor of Breeann Rodriguez, the three-year-old girl that went missing on August 6, has been charged in the disappearance and death of the girl, according to police.

43-year-old Shawn Morgan was arrested and charged with first-degree murder, tampering with physical evidence, and armed criminal action. Investigators believe that he he abducted the girl and then suffocated her. Breeann’s body still has not been found, however.

On Aug. 6, the girl disappeared while she was riding her bike with her older 5-year-old brother near their home in Senath, Missouri. After her brother went inside to get a drink, he came back outside to find his sister gone.

Authorities are still searching for the girl’s body and her tricycle, according to a police release issued in Dunklin County. On Thursday, two training wheels were found two miles from the house of the three-year-old. FBI Special Agent in Charge, Dennis L. Baker, noted that Breeann’s father believes that the wheels belong to his daughter.

The mother of Breann tried to plead to the media to bring her daughter back to her. “I really want to hold her and tell her she’s my princess… Bring her back to me,” she said.

Breann’s father, Edgar Rodriguez, added, “I realize people make mistakes… I don’t care where you drop her off at, just make sure somebody can get a hold of her and bring her home.”

Breeann was last seen wearing pink and purple shorts and a pink shirt.

  • Linda Bailey

    Neighbors? Unbelievable.

    • Dedee7

      i know many people may not agree with me but I think i am more upset at the parents instead of the suspect because those parents had a duty to protect their children, leaving a 5 yr old and a 3yr old outside by themselves is unexceptable, its on the news day and night about how children are kidnapped and murdered while outside playing by themselves. I think parents who leave their children unattended needs to accept partial responsibility because their primary job is to protect your children and you cannot protect your children while they are outside alone. Breanne is in heaven right now. Parents please stop leaving your children outside by themselves, learn from other people mistakes.

  • ……………

    thats messed up that poor girl was taken and she had done nothing i hate people that do that !!

  • Diane

    A known to be safe neighborhood is a big target for criminals. Let’s remember to not let our guard down. My deepest condolosence to the parents and all affected. May the little angel rest in peace.

  • >>>>>>>>>>>

    this is just terible. just goes to show you can’t trust anyone anymore, not even a neighbor! he himself is the father of 3 children, what to heck was he thinking… well he wasn’t thinking. my condolences to Breeann’s family, another senseless death. Lets just hope he doesn’t walk on this like that little girl, caylee’s mother did in florida

  • **********

    OMG poor little girl I hope they find her bpdy and her bike. What was the neighbor thinking about killing a 3 year old little girl who haven’t done any thing to him