MTV’s Premiere Of ‘Skins’ Receives Mixed Reviews

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 22, 2011

MTV has received a lot of criticism as of late for the debut of its new reality show, “Skins”. Lately, MTV has been deviating its content from music to television dramas and reality shows. After the popularity of “Jersey Shore” exploded (with hitting season highs each consecutive Thursday it has aired this season), MTV is back with the television drama, “Skins”, that was premiered Monday after a special airing of “Jersey Shore.” “Skins” is inspired from its British counterpart, that was premiered in 2007, and was well received by the teenagers.

The premiere episode of the Americanized version of “Skins”, was completely similar to the pilot episode of the British version. It introduced almost all the lead characters in the show, with their unique personality traits, friends, foes family and life style. However, the show actually aims to focus more on their wild lifestyles, that deals mostly with substance abuse, over doses of sex, drinking, partying and basically leading an unruly life. Many people say that this was perhaps not the best show of MTV as in a way it misguides the teenagers to pursue this type of lifestyle by glamorizing it under the MTV brand. It projects how these young characters help out their friends to lose their virginity and indulge in a lifestyle, that is rather derogatory for the tender minds of young teenagers.

Many sources expected the cable channel to project these common teenage issues more skillfully, as there has been several bold yet responsible teen dramas like “My So Called Life” before. On the other hand, the show projects the responsible parents as back dated, who are wildly disobeyed by these children. MTV describes its show as “funny, rude, shameless, lewd”. Although the pilot episode was a carbon replication of the British version, the channel has assured that it will slowly shape it in their own mold in order make it more unique.

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