Mother Of Russell Armstrong Not Happy Bravo Will Still Air ‘Housewives’

Written by Jessica Smith on Sep. 01, 2011

Bravo has announced that they will go forward with The Real Housewives with Beverly Hills season premiere this upcoming Monday night, and the mother of the late Russell Armstrong is not happy about the news.

In a statement to HLN’s Jane Valez-Mitchell, Armstrong’s mother, John Ann Hotchkiss, noted that she’s not happy with the news that Bravo will continue to air the series, citing that the network may be breaking character assassination.

“When I was informed of this, I thought, ‘I hope Bravo will take the high road and keep it tasteful,'” she said. “Let’s not murder my son twice.”

Although the cable network is not admitting it, this is likely the reason why they are continuing to edit the series for a second time, likely attempting to limit the role of Armstrong in the series to as little as possible. The network still has the rights to all the footage, but sources say that the feeling is that they want to keep what is shown on television to be as classy as possible.

However, for those that saw an advanced preview of the season premiere, that will be tough on the network as the premiere heavily featured Russell and his estranged wife, Taylor Armstrong. Many who saw a preview over the summer note that the episode was Taylor and Russell centric with Taylor sharing with her fellow housewives that she and her husband were going to go through counseling. One portion of the episode even had Taylor shopping for lingerie to “spice up” their marriage.

Still, the network will air the premiere as scheduled on Monday with several suicide prevention PSAs airing throughout the broadcast. A special introduction that will likely address Russell’s suicide last month is also expected to open the premiere.

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    bad taste, but bad taste sells ads, sad….all around