Miley Cyrus’ Father Billy Ray Calls Off Divorce From Wife

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 19, 2011

Billy Ray Cyrus, the father of former Disney star Miley Cyrus, has decided to call off the divorce from his wife Tish. The two were having troubles, which he stated stemmed from the Disney series Hannah Montana. Cyrus, a county singer, stated on The View that he believes that his family is at the best times of their lives now and giving the marriage another chance to work seems the more reasonable thing to do.

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The petition to call off the divorce proceedings was made on the 11th of March by Billy Ray’s lawyer, Robert L. Jackson. The petition dubbed ‘voluntarily dismissal and non-suit’ was then accepted and the divorce dully called off by the judge. Billy Ray told the hosts in a pre-record version of The View that “I’ve dropped the divorce… I want to put my family back together — Things are the best they’ve ever been.”

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One thing that has been of great contention between Billy Ray and his wife has to do with their most famous daughter, Miley Cyrus. Billy Ray believed that he was not getting enough access to his daughter. He told ‘The View’ that the relationship between him and Miley is like that of “daddy and daughter” again.

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