Michelle Obama Doesn’t Allow Her Two Daughters On Facebook

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 09, 2011

First lady Michelle Obama has recently been making the rounds talking about her current fight to end childhood obesity in the United States. Lately, along with opening up on her cause, she revealed that her daughters have restrictions on what they can do on the Internet, and that includes making friends on Facebook.

Barack and Michelle Obama joined by their kids at the annual Christmas in Washington special a few months ago

9-year-old Sasha and her 12-year-old sister Malia are not allowed on Facebook. According to Michelle Obama, it was her idea to keep the girls out of Facebook and not that of the Secret Service. In an interview on “Today Show” on Wednesday, the First Lady said that she believes her children are too young to know the dangers associated with Facebook. She indicated that she doesn’t approve of children being on the biggest social networking site.

Rare photos of the Barack, Michelle and their kids over the years

She said her decision not to allow the girls on Facebook has nothing to do with the family being at the White House. She said that even if they have been outside the White House, the same rules would apply. For now, Facebook is a big “NO” for the Obama girls. They can only have Facebook when they grow up and can make decisions for themselves – well that is if Facebook is still ‘alive’ by then.

Mrs. Obama seems to be ‘muscling’ her way through the Obama family. The President is currently ‘scared’ to smoke in front of the First Lady (that explains why she hasn’t seen him smoke in a year) and her daughters cannot have Facebook. That is great control there.

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