Michele Bachmann ‘Glittered’ By Gay Activist (Video)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 19, 2011

She may have just formally entered the 2012 Presidential race six days ago, but Michele Bachmann is already being targeted by gay activists for her extreme stance on gay rights. It happened on Saturday when an activist by the name of Rachel E.B. Lang from the California-based Get Equal group headed toward the stage where Bachmann was speaking at and started to throw glitter at her, in what was called a “glittering attempt”. Fortunately for the Republican Congresswoman, she was barely hit, and even if she was, seems unfazed from the incident, smiling at supporters attending the event as it happened.

VIDEO: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann “glittered”

After the incident, the gay rights activist shouted to Bachmann, “You can run, but you cannot hide“, which Get Equal says was in reference to Bachmann raising money in the past for Bradlee Dean, a minister, to propose a same-sex marriage ban in her home state of Minnesota by the same name. In a statement on Get Equal’s website, Lang says, “My response to Michele Bachmann’s hateful and anti-gay rhetoric was light-hearted, but these issues are very serious. Bachmann’s support of groups like ‘You Can Run But You Cannot Hide’ show exactly how extremist she is — she in no way represents the values of Minnesota and certainly does not represent the values of America.”

Lang is not gay herself, but stated that she has gay family members. “Until these politicians stop their anti-gay attacks on families like mine, people will continue to stand up for equality and the freedom to love whoever they want,” she said.

A few weeks back, another gay rights activist was much more successful at targeting former Speaker of the House and also a 2012 Presidential candidate, Newt Gingrich, by “glittering” him while he was also in Minneapolis. In a statement issued on the website of Get Equal, they state that despite little, if any, glitter attacking Bachmann, the stunt was a “success”. The statement also says that despite Bachmann’s far-right stands on gay issues, she has “several gay family members, including her mother and her 75-year-old uncle who recently married his 75-year-old same-sex partner in Iowa“.

VIDEO: Newt Gingrich “glittered”

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