Memphis & Las Vegas Remember Elvis Presley’s 76th Birthday

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 08, 2011

United States celebrates in style in what would have been Elvis Presley’s 76th birthday. Presley, of course, was an immortal figure in the culture of the country that three decades after his tragic death still has millions of fans worldwide.

The long list of exhibitions, shows and concerts these days remember Elvis Aron Presley, born on January 8, 1937 in Tupelo (Misispí), are evidence of the influence that music and personality of the singer still has in the popular imagination U.S.

The highlight of the celebrations is the big celebration at Graceland, his mansion in Memphis, where the daughter and widow of singer Lisa Marie and Priscilla, hope to gather thousands of followers to remember the Elvis concerts, dance exhibitions and competitions.

The Elvis Presley birthday party will also in Las Vegas, where the singer lived perhaps its darkest years and now its imitators abound. There, the famous Canadian company Cirque du Soleil presents “Viva Elvis”, a show that mixes stunning acrobatics with music from acclaimed artist. “The popularity of its music catalog is growing every year with the emergence of new fans around the world and hope that through this 76th anniversary, that love will continue to increase,” said a spokesman for the Sony label, which produced a reprint of all disks in the “King of Rock”, under the RCA label.

Thirty-two years after his death, Elvis Presley remains a gold mine for not providing good results despite the change in musical tastes of the public. Even the most prestigious cultural centers in the country, such as the Smithsonian Institution, has given up on these days at the foot of the late singer.

This museum opened at its headquarters in Washington for an exhibition entitled “A Life Echoes of Elvis”, which meet different representations of the artist’s image throughout his career. Another point of interest for fans of the singer is the exhibition “76 Years of Elvis” which houses the Museum and Hall of Fame Rock and Roll, Cleveland (Ohio), who wanted to celebrate in style the legacy of a pioneer gender.

Visitors can see in this sample from some of the objects prized by Presley, as his particular jukebox or acoustic guitar, to articles that fueled his legend, as dozens of monkeys shiny layer that you identified in the final stretch of his career. “Elvis Presley is still unique in that it embodies all the contradictions, all the anomalies and all the beauty that their music got it,” added the heads of Sony, which has seen the recent release of a deluxe box containing one hundred subjects, among them unreleased rarities and direct, has become a bestseller.

The box, called “Elvis 76 Good Rockin ‘Tonight” reviews the artist’s career since its inception less known, as “My Happiness”, the first demo recorded by Presley, to his more introspective musical side in the 70 but above all “do justice” with a figure that has not always received. So I think the music critic and expert on Elvis, Billy Altman, charged with writing a biographical essay included in the collection box.

“Elvis Presley had it all it was an attractive artist, very physical and offered a very good music, that has not received the recognition it deserves,” said Altman, for the boy from Tupelo “was responsible for that legitimize rock and roll as we know it today.”

“We could say that Elvis Presley was in part responsible for the democratization of music and even the music business, because it came from a poor family and a place, South America, where no starswere born,” said Altman, for which Presley personified “messages of hope, freedom and opportunity.”

Only in this way is understood as the critic, the Elvis special connection with the general public in America, “and that is not understood differently if we consider that Elvis Presley is the only rock star of his time was not the author of his subjects and was an artist who never toured.”

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