Meet Megan Levant, Charlie Sheen’s Secret Third Goddess (PHOTOS)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 24, 2011

During the middle of the Charlie Sheen madness a couple of weeks back where we were introduced to the arrangement Sheen has with his two goddesses, we weren’t aware that Sheen apparently has a third goddess that we didn’t know about.. until now. The Sober Valley Lodge recently introduced Megan Levant.

PHOTOS: Seven shots of Charlie Sheen’s newest goddess, Megan Levant

Levant has been seen in Sheen’s mansion in Beverly Hills as of late, according to the Sun, and has even admitted to her friends she is seeing Sheen. She was also apparently involved with Sheen when he and a few other women went on a yacht along with him last month, but her involvement were apparently “under wraps”. However, many are saying that her and Sheen are a match made in heaven because she also comes with baggage herself.

“Megan is well-known on the club scene – mostly for her filthy antics,” a source close to Levant says. “She often goes out wearing next to nothing and is not shy about sex. She loves porn and is a regular visitor to the Playboy Mansion.” But that’s not all. On her Twitter account, which she has since deleted, she said her interest in naughty films, vodka and red hots. She also encouraged her followers to call her if someone felt the “sudden urge to rescue a dog in need of a home”. Apparently, that is exactly what Sheen did.

Photos: Megan Levant: Charlie Sheen’s newest goddess