Matt Weiner Comments On ‘Mad Men’ & AMC Deal

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 02, 2011

Matthew Weiner, the creator of the AMC drama series Mad Men — and the retro drama series that put the network on the competitive map — is said to be “very happy” about the proceedings with AMC regarding the future of the drama series after the network and him were in a stale mate over the future of the show. Before he struck a deal with the network that would give the series three more final seasons, Weiner was reportedly furious with the network over how there would be a 17-month-gap between season 4 and 5, but is content with the outcome of the proceedings with the network now, although the series is still set to return in March of 2012.

Regarding giving the series three more seasons to wrap up, Weiner wrote that “[he’s] always felt that seven seasons was the length of the story, but it’s great for the fans to now be prepared for it… This is the first time I’ll get to work on the show knowing that there will be another season and knowing when the end is coming – that’s a creative luxury that I feel lucky to have.”

He added that that the proceedings between the cable network and him was an “elegant solution” and added that he was “very happy.” He noted that the series was never about any money, but about him “trying to make the show the way [he] wants to make it”. With three more seasons, and the series set to conclude in 2014, that gives him plenty of time to decide how he wants to conclude the critically-acclaimed series.