Massive Sinkhole Between Two Central Florida Homes Filled

Written by Michael Lambarde on Apr. 21, 2014

Central Florida SinkholeCrews have filled a sinkhole that opened up beneath two homes located in a Central Florida neighborhood on Sunday morning.

The sinkhole opened up on Saturday in a residential neighborhood on Chalmer Terrace in the Villages, swallowing a family yard and barely keeping a driveway intact.

Workers with Helicon Property Restoration worked overnight Saturday and into Sunday morning to fill the hole with a sand and cement mixture. They will return Monday morning to lay down dirt and fix the landscaping.

“Underneath the driveway there is no soil there yet, the driveway is still standing,” project manager Rich Kay said Saturday. He later added that this was “the most extreme” sinkhole he has seen.

Crews were first called to fill a sinkhole on the property several weeks ago, but heavy rainfall caused a second, larger sinkhole to open up over the weekend. Deputies say that the sinkhole measured 50 feet deep and 25 feet across.

“As I was coming back from my walk, I didn’t see the tree. I thought someone had stolen the tree or something,” said Giovanni Velocci, a neighbor who lives across the street.

Both homes were vacant at the time of the incident. None of the other residents were asked to evacuate the neighborhood.