Mary Harvey Takes Youtube To Make Point Against Steve Harvey

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 26, 2011

Mary Harvey, the estranged ex-wife of comedian and current Family Feud host Steve Harvey, recently post videos on Youtube, bringing up allegations against her ex-husband. Mary Harvey posted three videos over the weekend on YouTube where she was poured all her venom against the comedian. The three videos total to about 25 minutes in length. The couple split in 2005 ending their nine year old marriage.

VIDEO #1: Mary Harvey attacks Steve Harvey on Youtube

According to Mary Harvey, she had met Steve Harvey way back in 1989 and after knowing each other for several years tied the knot in 1996. Their son Wynton was born after a year. The prime reason for which Mary Harvey has posted the videos is to make the world aware how much she had been tormented by her ex-husband. She in fact claimed that Steve Harvey is still suing her all because his firmer wife is getting publicity by appearing in interviews. According to sources, Mary Harvey has accused Steve Harvey of having turned their son against her and that he even forcibly turned her out of their house. Most importantly, the lady feels that her husband had always been unfaithful to her ever since the initial days of their relationship.

VIDEO #2: Mary Harvey attacks Steve Harvey on Youtube

Mary Harvey has disclosed that Marjorie Bridge whom Steve Harvey married was actually his mistress and that Steve Harvey for a long time had cheated on her at her back. On the other hand Bobbie Edmonds, Steve Harvey’s attorney has dismissed all the reports claiming them to be utter rubbish. He also said that they are planning to take appropriate action against Mary Harvey for having released information over the Internet which according to court rules is prohibited.

PHOTOS: Shots of Steve and Mary Harvey looking happy together over the years

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