Many Question Whether Fergie Is Pregnant Following Super Bowl Performance

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 08, 2011

Following the performance by the Black Eyed Peas at the Super Bowl half-time show on Sunday night, many people took to the Internet to wonder if the lead female singer Fergie was pregnant. As for the performance of her overall, although she was accompanied by some of the most highly rated performers like Slash and RnB sensation Usher, her performance was not up to the mark. Despite getting the maximum hype before the match began. Many people were rather disappointed to witness her performance, marked with bad tuning, and shrill voice. Some bloggers attributed that to her reported pregnancy. Many sources think that the singer is pregnant after they saw her tight dress that revealed her big tummy.

Photos: Recent shots of Fergie with her handsome husband Josh Duhamel

The news has not yet been confirmed by any reputed source, and neither the singer herself has commented anything about it. All those, who saw her tight dress, felt that she might be carrying a baby bump. Although these people are just limited to gossip mongers and bloggers, one cannot deny, that her dress surely made her stomach look bigger than natural. Moreover, she exposed her entire leg, but perfectly covered her middle part, to reinstate the possibilities of the rumor, a step further. She was wearing a black metallic dress, that was completely body hugging at the top, with frills in the bottom. The dress ended at her thigh.

Fergie was also not in the best of her zeal and energy during her performance. No one is sure whether she is actually pregnant or not, but its possibility can neither be ruled out, as ever since she was married to actor Josh Duhamel, he has been talking about having a family and children. considering her busy schedule in the last two years, she may now think about doing what she has been desiring for long!

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