Many Astrologers Are Against The Shift In The New Zodiac Signs

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 15, 2011

Internet users are spending a lot of time today to find information of a new zodiac sign after astrologers reported of the existence of the new sign Ophiuchus. A lot of people are worried about how this new zodiac sign is going to affect their fortune and the rumor sites are going crazy speculating about its impact on human life. However, a section of the astrologers are not too comfortable with this development. The fiasco started when an article was published in a leading newspaper which said the prevalent star signs were outdated.

As per the article, the existing zodiac signs are based on what ancient Babylonians gathered thousands of years back. The article also said that the signs remained the same over the years but the axis of the earth has altered. Now the earth is aligned with different stars and hence the zodiac signs should also be different. The claim was backed by Minnesota Planetarium Society board member Parke Kunkle. The new study also says that the new sign- Ophiuchus was known to the Babylonians but they discarded it for accuracy of the constellations.

A section of the astrologers are against the incorporation of the new sign and they say it has already been taken into account. Susan Miller is one such astrologer who has lambasted the article. She said, “The constellations don’t suggest what’s coming up, it’s the planets!” She also said that in the ancient times as many as 50 such constellations were there but the astrologers zeroed down on 18 and then 12 of them.

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