Lindsay Lohan Says She Is Done Clubbing

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 24, 2011

After recently being released from rehab, celebrity Lindsay Lohan is claiming that she has had enough of clubbing. The actress has told friends that she is not going out to clubs anymore. The celebrity website, reported that Lohan has declared that in her lifetime, she is going to stay away from the clubs. The website reported that the move is part of her commitment to stay away from substance abuse that threatened her career at a point.

The website reported that a source close to the star has revealed that Lohan is determined to stay sober. The source said that as much as possible, Lohan wants to stay away from anything that may tempt her to go back to her former self. The star has also drawn a strict line on the type of friends that she will be hanging out with. The source said that Lohan will as much as possible avoid friends that may compromise her bid to stay sober.

It may be recalled that Lohan has struggled with substance abuse and has subsequently spent some time at a private rehab to seek help for her addition problem. She is determined to stay sober and concentrate on her career.

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