Lindsay Lohan Getting Special Treatment By Not Getting Jail Time?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 24, 2011

As noted earlier, Lindsay Lohan once again dodged jail charges yesterday in Los Angeles. This time, many sources were convinced that Lohan was going to get jail charges for what seemed like a sure term of violation of her current house arrest — drinking alcohol. However, when Lohan appeared in court, that was not the case as Judge Stephanie Sautner stated that the court order required for testing for alcohol lapsed on February 25, 2011. Therefore, Lohan was allowed to drink alcohol after all, but because she expressed “extremely poor judgment,” the judge decided to give her new rules for the remainder of her house arrest — she is no longer allowed to have more than one guest at her house at the same time, excluding her parents.

Yesterday when the news was announced that Lohan tested positive for drinking alcohol, it seemed like a slam dunk case that Lohan was going to face jail time, yet she once again got a free pass. Many have since taken to social media sites such as Twitter to express their frustration on how Lohan continues to get slaps on the wrist instead of spending time behind bars.

PHOTOS: Lindsay Lohan dresses conservatively for court this time around recently spoke to Susan Filan, a trial lawyer and a Senior Legal Analyst for MSNBC about Lohan, who also believes that she continues to get free passes. “Normally if you violate probation and go back to the same judge more than one time, they punish you,” she exclaimed. “Otherwise, what’s the point of these rules? Then it’s a joke. But it doesn’t seem like there are consequences for Lindsay, and it’s hard to know why,” exclaims Susan.

However, Lohan’s attorney Shawn Chapman Holley feels differently about the story. “Anyone with her background would have gotten house arrest, she didn’t get a special deal,” Holley defends to E! “I worried perception would harm her…But everyone—the judge, the courts—were professional, so it was fair. It was difficult in my mind. I believed public pressure would make the powers that be behave differently but she got what everyone would have.”

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