Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter IV’ Likely To Double ‘Watch The Throne’ In Sales

Written by Michael Lambarde on Sep. 04, 2011

Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter IV is expected to outperform Kanye West and Jay Z’s Watch the Throne, according to early iTunes sale estimates. It is expected that the first week of sales for Wayne’s ninth studio album, released last Sunday, will have brought in 850,000-900,000 sales.

In comparison, Billboard projected that the first week of sales for the highly-anticipated Watch the Throne album brought in 436,000 copies in the United States, which could mean that Wayne’s album could more than double the collaborative effort by Wayne and Jay-Z when the final numbers come in.

Wayne’s album, which was scheduled for a later release, but was ultimately put up on sale early five days early because of an online leak, could reach even up to a high-end 975,000 copies, according to HITS Daily Double. Not only did the album beat Watch the Throne, but it set a brand new digital weekly sales record, which was previously held by Jay-Z and West’s release in mid-August.

Wayne says he is “glad” that his album was illegally leaked early, forcing him to therefore release the official album.

“We did real good this time, real good,” Wayne told MTV’s Jim Cantiello. “It just means people want to hear it. I mean, ’cause there are people’s albums that come out that can be leaked and don’t leak, so I’m glad mines leaked.”

  • matiming

    watch the throne sucks big time…

  • strut adonis

    carter 4 is goin all de way

  • Lightningkay

    ofcoz Carter 4 will out sell the throne because it is appealing to the pop audience…. WTT best album of the year! yal can hate ye nd hov but the people who know good music will still rock it!

  • H400003shg

    Big fan of all 3 artists but TC4 is poor quality. I can understand the sales being high after TC3 was a classic but i bet theres a lot of disappointed people, me for one. Watch the Throne is Brilliant!!!

  • TonYM

    Fuck Jay-z!

  • Mike D


    Honestly, I think wayne is sellin more albums than wtt because wayne from tha carter 3 to the c4 evolved from a rapper to an artist. Tha carter 4 has like everything on it.. And one thing I thought was a lil different was that he didn’t really have chorus’ in his songs. He just went in on every track. People love the diversity he instills in his music. He picked up fans from every genre of music, which is why it’s no surprise that hes sellin a mill in a week. His fan base is crazy. Jay z and kanye on the other
    hand, theyre great artist. But what are they known for doing? just rappin. Not sayin it’s a bad thing (most def) but people wanna hear diversity in albums. I’m pretty sure wayne wouldn’t sell half as many albums if his while cd was songs like megaman (which was dope). It has every feel of music on there which is why it sells twice as much as wtt in my opinion.

  • Intellect

    Wayne is cool. For his metaphors but that’s where it ends. He doesnt talk about much of anything. WTT on the other hand told stories in every single song. And for the FOOL who quoted. Racks on Racks on Racks maybachs on Bachs on Bachs NO it’s just Blacks on blacks on blacks” as no content..I guess your tooDUMB To actually see the point of things. Furthermore Wayne has young and dumb fans who Too stupid to THINK.

  • Intellect

    And if Wayne raps another LIFE metaphor, I’m going to scream!! I think I will listen to the album and count them. It’s nauseating.

  • Christionw

    there is no way you could say carter iv was anywhere close to being as good as his album the carter 3 as some of these idiots say jayz and kanye west are old rappers that need to retire these niggas give you quality shit at the end of the day carter iv is a disappointment and wayne is not the best rapper alive he is self proclaimed and yall niggas got fed that shit till yall went along with it have you ever heard any of the greats call themselves the best that there was alive continue to be followers instead of trying to be a leader whether or not carter album sells a million in the first week still doesn’t mean his album was great just meant he marketed that bullshit well plus he’s the face a rap isn’t he lmao especially for the young ones coming up

  • TM103

    Ima fake ass blood too and i rap about the same shit all day everyday waynes as shit you’ll like that faking ass shit cuz y’all  fake 

  • Themarchgroupe

    Watch the throne is way better… Sonically its nuts great production….lil is just mire if the same ol nit maiing a presecnce as the leader of hip hop…conten wise watch the throne hits hard…who gon stop me, no church, i love u so, niggas in paris, made in america i mean comon….weezys punchlines are now weak and he has no content or conecpts this album wont last with real critics

  • Let me break down. There is no actual proof or evidence that it sold or going to sell that money with the amount of money the Lil Wayne camp as they can buy perception but without conspiracy…anyone who thinks that Carter IV is better then Watch The Throne have a low IQ. Hov and Ye are far too complex for an average individual to over-stand them. It had real content it had something on there for every type of Rap fan has we know Rap is a sub element of Hip Hop Culture and Rap as many elements under it. I am not the only one who said that it is a REAL RAP album. Without knocking Lil Wayne he is talented by this album was weak Carter II was when he was at his peak. He can say his glad it got leaked and people want to hear of course people want to hear it after being in jail and Young Money camp unfortunately running ish people want to hear what he has to say. When I heard it I was surprised how weak it was and after realizing what he really is about put me off I don’t condone what he does some of you may not what i am talking about we need real men back in the commercial rap scene glad Krept & Konan are blowing up the scene

  • youngandrestless

    I love lil Wayne hes the best, no one can top that, and with the mtv performance that sealed it. awesome. Go lil Wayne

    • Wadedenzel

      you sound gay! that performance was hype but he shud of stick to one personality

  • Poohba3r

    A few things must be said… I keep reading “He needs to retire with his old ass!” Why? Would we have told MJ to retire if he was still destroying the NBA at 45? Do we say that wine tastes horrible because it’s “too old”? Come on people, give or take 5 songs a TC4 was a mixtape. Watch The Throne was a let down as a fan who waited for it, but still better than TC4. Wayne, during TC3 run I was ready to hand him the crown, but he took a step back with this. His No Ceilings Mixtape was better than this album. Idk what is going on, but he’s losing it. Wayne will always appeal to the masses because Birdman and the people around him are smart ass men, appeal to who buys, whites. I’m no racist, but that’s the case. He skates, does/did a few drugs, dresses crazy and wear Vans, chucks and tight clothing now. Who’s going to buy WTT when J. & ‘Ye don’t appeal to that crowd, which happen to purchase the most albums? I’m just saying…

  • YoungFlamE7100

    Get off of wayne dick, We ALL know that Lil Wayne is raw, but he is not better than both Jay – Z AND Kanye west together. He barly beats Kanye. Not to mention Jay- Z

  • Mayzheng33

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  • Mwinstonmax

    numbers dont lie

  • Mayzheng33

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  • K-fresh93

    to be honest with u, SALES is the only thing that should be compared between these 2 albums…otherwise, these 2 albums shouldnt even be compared to each other cuz they sound NOTHING alike….carter 4 is for the younger generation, while watch the throne resembles that old skool hip hop sound…in my opinion, watch the throne only had good production….but LYRICALLY, carter 4 was better

  • sean


  • Carter 5

    Niggas act like bitches shanaynay oh my goodness lol

  • Dallascowboys1205

    all of you lil wayne haters can suck a dick and die slow fa real. you hate the fact that lil wayne is the hip hop of this generation. jay-z is almost 40-42 and he still trying to be revelant to the game. lilwayne has been consistent 4 the past 10 yrs. he is different, unique, at times making people say “did he really say that, let me bring that shit back” ppl r tired of the same story telling bullshit being conservative w lyrics.thts why ppl buy his shit. one more time fuk yall eat a dick w mustard and die slow. by the way he put up one of the best duos in the game right now drake and nikki minage.

  • Bolden_v

    The dude is probably adored by more fans and probably has more popular music, but he isnt as half as lyrical as then two niggas

  • EasyE

    Carter 4 > WTT , Carter 4 was twice as better.

  • MrMonkeyMane

    Cater 4 sellin more cuz wayne kno wat his fans wanna hear….HIM.
    Watch the throne got good tracks but overall it’s shit cuz they tried to take it n a new direction but keepin lines the rap we hate…racks…plankin
    good idea back execution maybe wayne n drake well show em how a real callabo album is done!!!
    Till then Carter 4 bangin my speakers

  • prince

    90’s babys are dumb

  • PrettyPearl2013

    He already hit a million. Love the album….still trying not to be bias but Wayne brought it. Already see a Grammy for this album. Sorry Jay and Kanye

  • Kagen

    For the haters out there.. YOUNG MULA BABY (weezy voice lol)

  • pimp c

    ama tat in c4 on me friday eff yall yall niggas ride too much dick if yall spent more time studding u wouldnt be here! yall jus like me a big black dumb nigga!  wasting time! all yall shud just eat a dick ! BELIZE TO THE WORLD!

  • Sandilegodsgift

    mst of da people dey dnt understand poem so is dat y dey go 4 poor wayne, s8m on u pussy n******gas

  • guest

    why don’t you guys listen to real hip hop instead of these wack so called rappers

  • Aasmith1124

     Watch the Throne is best hip hop album in a long time. EVERY lyric is sick. The beats are groundbreaking and there are SO many different lyrical styles….never before heard stuff. Wayne is dope but his lyrics are predictable and his style never changes. The Carter 8 will sound like The Carter 4…Jay is on that other level.  It’s Jordan vs. Dr. J.  One is a great player but the other is the greatest player of all time. 

  • Justin_credible211187

    Wow didnt know there were so many lil Wayne haters, you dumb asses read the article just so you could comment, not congratulate smh! Truth be told jay-z has never really rapped about nothing to start with people just buy his albums cause he jay and they say he can’t make a bad song and there has been many. Watch the throne was not a great album nowhere near great. Jay don’t even sound the same. Yeah Wayne sold a mil on a okay cd, the same fans that buy jay-z albums cause he jay is the same fans that bought Wayne album cause he Wayne, no matter how it sound a real fan is gonna support, I’m one of em. I got all Wayne albums, from the block is hot to rebirth to the carter4. I just support em not saying that every album he put out is great but I like his music and imma fan. That’s what happened, that’s why he sold, no one listens to jay anymore and kanye been killing his own career so that’s your answer

  • Delyte

    Dont know how in the hell wayne album sold me his shit is waaaaaaaaaaaack the whole young money is waaaaaaaaaaaaack except drake I think hes the ghost writer in the camp

  • Ihakarov

    Good luck Boo, Weezy F for Fuck you! <3

  • WoahDere

    How the fuck did Carter 4 Outsell Watch The Throne. You have to really love hip hop to appreciate Kanye and Jay. Lil Wayne has skills too, but look at it for what it really is. Open your damn ears people. What the fuck.

  • captainSTFU

    i like how no one really pays attention to musical quality anymore like think about it if 2pac was a new rapper and released all the same music he did when he was alive yall fools would still say lil wayne was better cause lil wayne fans are mostly dickriders who dont REALLY listen to lyrics

  • Diablox22001

    albumsales were fake , no way in hell this dude sold this many records, had no good singles, no buzz, his past few albums flopped, all his fans are fair weather fans who jumped on carter 3 bandwagon when he was hot, he fell off hard, the music speaks for itself, the album sales were fake.

  • Wuaddup Mang

    most of yall are lyrically f’ed and have no idea what a real true beat is. If yall did then you would know that Kanye runs this muthah

  • We shouldn’t be comparing K West and Lil Wayne. Its like comparing daylight and night. Jay-Z Yes but Kanye No. 

  • Lewisbundygutierrez

    look at the poll. . . . jay and easy suck ass. . .  and each others dicks. . . . listen to “otis” and you can hear otis redding calling them douche bags. . . it goes:
    douche……… douche……… bag………
    douche………. douche……….. bags………

  • WTT

    woooow ,lil wayne has a on average 15 year old fan base,all little lollipop dicksuckers that listen to how to love,lil wayne prolly bumpin watch the throne right now will chocking on birdmans dick, kanye and jay z have released a timeless albummthe carter four is horrible

  • moma

    not a diss towards wayne but the carter 4 let me down…i was expecting way more hits better punchlines..i think drakes album will probably be better as well as j.cole new album the carter 4 was a let down

  • Mhatimy

    Now lets see how it floats nationally, over a year, sale just begun, first week only.

  • Fyc@Tune’Chi

    Da reason its called watch the thorne z becoz jayz en kanye r watchin wayne TAKE da throne with the CARTER 4. The sales figures speak for themselves!!! C4 a better than the throne by far   

  • whoever bump ye is sweet

    Lmao real niggas listen to Ye…..bull u sweet lmao

  • lil wayne said wezzy f baby and the f is for phenominal

  • Purplenakema

    The funnny thing is this did not happen. Watch the throne out sold lil wayne’s garbage.