Lil Wayne Being Sued By ‘Lollipop’ Producer

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 24, 2011

Darius Harrison, the former producer of rapper Lil Wayne and his hit song “Lollipop”, is suing Wayne, according to a new report by According to Darious, part of the $70 million that the album sales grossed. Darius is reportedly suing for $20 million and his defendants include Young Money Entertainment and Cash Money Records. The suit claims that Darius was the producer of the singles “Whip It,” “Prostitute 2,” “Action,” “Mrs. Officer” and “Let the Beat Build”.

Lollipop was highly successful and rose to #1 on the Billboard charts in no time at all. The song’s success won it a Grammy for the Best Rap Song in 2009. This is not the first time that Darius has sued Lil Wayne. The producer sued Wayne earlier demanding $2.5 million for the work that he did on “Mrs. Officer.” There has been no word from Lil Wayne and his reps.

The singer has been busy working to bring out his latest crew member called Lil Twist. During an interview with MTV News, Wayne said “That’s where I get my little oomph from, when I bring my whole clique out there, and I want them to be heard.”