Lightning Strikes Where The Remains Of Casey Anthony’s Daughter Caylee Was (PHOTOS)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 09, 2011

Many who have been following the Casey Anthony trial for over a month now are still up in arms about the decision the jury made this past week in a Orlando, Florida courtroom after a month of dozens of people taking the stand. The verdict, of course, was “not guilty” in the three major counts, but she did did receive four “guilty” verdicts when it came to lying to law enforcement.

After the ruling, hundreds of people made their way to the swamp near the home of Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy — where Caylee was dumped by Anthony after she suffocated her with chloroform, the prosecution alleged — to pay respect to her two-year-old daughter. In a rare occurrence later that day, however, lightning struck at the long, thin pine tree where some of Caylee’s remains were found. The tree still remained standing, however, but there was a clear imprint in the tree where it struck. Critics of Anthony and the not guilty ruling, of course, immediately jumped on the lightning strike, claiming that it was a sign from above the even a higher power was not thrilled with the decision by the jury (click here to view the photos).

“It could be a sign from the angels that they aren’t happy with what’s happened,” an Orlando, FL resident said. “It’s a sad day for Orlando, for Caylee and for justice. The rain, the lightning, the storm – it’s the heavens indicating they aren’t happy.” Shortly after the verdict was read, people remembered Caylee by dropping off cards, teddy bears, and flowers were left at the scene of where the body was allegedly dumped. Police say that the number of people that appeared that day rivaled the day after Caylee’s remains were found in December of 2008.

PHOTOS: Lightning strikes where the remains of Caylee Anthony was

  • Chappy2132

    Yes the angels were so angry they stuck a tree with lightning but did nothing when CCaylee was killed. You religious nuts crack me up.

    • Ghsdas

      And if the angels intervened then it would all be the angels made me do it. You have a choice to make your own decisions. Make them wisely

  • Magnetic_field

    Also there must be a hundred trees standing next to the tree that got struck. I would think it weirder if a tree in front of the courthouse or something like that had gotten struck the day of the verdict. Trees get hit by lightning all the time. Nothing strange here.