Lady Gaga Engaged, To Be Married To Luc Carl

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 24, 2011

The Daily Star has announced that Lady Gaga could be marrying her boyfriend, Luc Carl, pretty soon. The pair spent the Christmas together at the house where Luc grew up together. They spent the period with Luc’s parents and according to the newspaper’s source the pair really had a good time.

The source was quoted by the newspaper as saying that, “She could have paid for Luc and his family to stay in a five-star hotel at Christmas but thought it was way more romantic to stay with him in the bedroom he had as a little boy. He’s the only man she’s truly loved.” After that experience, the pair has decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Subsequently, they have reportedly engaged and the wedding is imminent. The newspaper said that the announcement of the marriage will be after the launch of Lady Gaga’s much anticipated “Born This Way” single which is expected out on the 13th day of February.

The source told the newspaper that the pair wants to take their time with the marriage. It further claimed that Lady Gaga does not currently have a proper ring because Luc’s couldn’t get her one. The pair met and started going out four years ago when Lady Gaga visited the bar where Luc worked.

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