Lady Gaga Comments On Whether She Would Want To Be U.S. President

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 20, 2011

Singer Lady Gaga has been a long time advocate of marriage equality and repealing the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, but would she want to be President of the United States? Gaga recently told a fan asking the question through MTV that she wouldn’t want to, but that didn’t stop her from weighing in on what she would do if she was leader of the free world.

“Well, first of all, I wouldn’t want to be president for the day,” she said. “And I say that because I really, for myself, it’s important that my message, although it has political implications, I like to keep myself separate. Because politics can constrain things. So our message can be completely free of any politics and we can just surge forward.”

Gaga, who will be opening MTV’s Video Music Awards next Sunday and will reportedly honor Britney Spears along with other A-list performer said that if she was president, she would do the following: “I would find alternative uses of energy, I would make marriage equal, and world peace.”

Of course, she said she would “do everything I could” regarding the ongoing debt crisis and the volatile economy and Wall Street, but said that “we all know that’s going to take a little while.”