Lacey Shwimmer ‘Thrilled’ To Partner Up With Chaz Bono

Written by Rob Soto on Sep. 01, 2011

Although the casting of Chaz Bono has been highly controversial to a few vocal fans of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars with many criticizing the network for having a “homosexual agenda,” the professional partner of Bono, Lacey Schwimmer, is not having any of it.

Wednesday, Schwimmer — who will be making her sixth appearance as a pro on the hit series — denounced the controversy surrounding her dance partner. “Why people feel it’s okay to judge, bully and harass others forcing themselves is beyond me. Shame on you people,” she tweeted. She added that the hateful remarks toward Bono are “not okay.”

Schwimmer also adds that she is “thrilled” to be partnered with Bono. “I’m so thrilled to let you know my dance partner on [Dancing with the Stars] is [Chaz Bono]!! He is such an amazing person! And so sweet! Weee!” the 23-year-old tweeted. “He has been working so hard this past week! Such a beautiful person inside and out!”

Bono is a transgender advocate who was born a woman named Chastity Bono to Sonny and Cher but underwent a sex change in 2009 to legally become a man. Bono says he’s doing the reality series to prove that transgendered individuals are just like everyone else.

Regarding his dance partner, Bono also praised Schwimmer Wednesday during an appearance of the syndicated Ryan Seacrest radio program. “[Lacey] really thought it was great that I was doing it and wanted to know how I was feeling about it — if I was nervous and how it was going,” Bono said.

Bono also revealed that the network wanted him to appear as a celebrity on season 12 of DWTS but he couldn’t do it due to commitments on a documentary he was working on as well as a book and film he was promoting.

  • DennisJ017

    I think that it is great!!!!

  • Reyno44

    I think it sucks!!!!

    • pensacola pete

      The show has had a “heterosexual agenda” for a long time, as has everything else in this society. It’s about time the left handers have a turn at the plate!

    • Nickys68chevy

      I think its a non issue

  • Dgee1234

    Is there not enough hate in the world already? Please take a look at yourself, Do you LOVE yourself just the way you are or do you do things EVERYDAY to try to change something you hate about yourself….Diet, cosmetics, depression meds, drink to much, fight with your spouse over things you hate about them??? Let people be who they are and what they want to be. You don’t like it when people judge you….so STOP judging other people!

  • Camwi

    Only an ignorant bigot would actually hate that Chaz is on this season.


    Reno you just showedd us all how ignorant you truly are

  • mtatom

    I believe that it’s perfectly fine to be against the concept of, so called, “sex changes” without hate–hate is too strong a word for the way I feel. The circumstances surrounding the whole idea of altering one’s natural gender are highly controversial/questionable and, quite frankly, abnormal. I get that these people “feel” like the other sex, but, in reality, they’re not. I’m all for having the freedom to do what you want in regards to your own body, but stop telling me that this mutation is “beautiful” and that I’m the one with the problem.

  • Triley417

    I think its disgusting. Our liberal society has created this problem. I have to believe that the majority of America thinks its wrong but are to passive to say what they really think because they fear criticism from these freaks. I on the other hand am not. Chastity or Chaz you no longer have a gender you are now a freak.