Kirstie Alley & George Lopez Call A Truce, Make Up

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 26, 2011

Earlier this week, following the premiere of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars comedian George Lopez made a jab at Kirstie Alley’s appearance on the reality show by drawing attention to her weight, which she has battled over the years, and calling her a “pig”. Since then, the two traded insults on the social media website Twitter.

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Alley fired back after the jab, insulting him taking his ex-wife’s kidney and then divorcing her and also these tweets: “I don’t consider ‘I misjudged the joke’ an apology. sorta like a husband saying “I misjudged putting my d*** in a wh***”…sorry hon..hehe” After he apologized, Alley accepted, saying that Lopez sent her a large “slew of flowers” in the mail.

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This past Friday, Loped appeared on the Billy Bush Show talking about the subject. “[It was] poor judgment,” Lopez admitted. “As they say in the world of golf, bad form on my part. I’ve apologized. I think she’s accepted my apology, I wish that she had and that she would be guest on Lopez Tonight. I would love to have her on.”