Kim Kardashian’s Skechers ShapeUps Ad Goes Viral (Video)

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 08, 2011

The Super Bowl is known for bringing in a lot of audiences every year — including this year’s show which scored a record-breaking 111 million viewers — and because of that, advertisers pay premium money to have their products featured on the most viewed television event of the year. For the shoe brand Skechers this year, this was no different as popular reality television name Kim Kardashian flaunted much more than shoes for the Skechers ad, which she was featured in during Sunday’s Super Bowl game. The popular Kardashian sister wore tight fitting work out clothes as she dumped her personal trainer for a pair of shoes (click here to view the ad).

“I don’t know how to say this … you’re amazing, the best I’ve ever had,” Kim says to her workout trainer in the popular ad that has since gone viral. “But things just aren’t working out … it’s not someone else, it’s something else,” she added.

The ad was said to have been one of the most anticipated of the year. Kim went to her blog to type her excitement during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl, after the commercial aired. “Ahh, did you guys see my Skechers ShapeUps Super Bowl commercial. Bye bye trainer….HELLO SHAPE-UPS!!!! What did u guys think of the commercial?”

Video: Kim Kardashian’s Super Bowl XLV Skechers viral commercial

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