Kim Kardashian’s Hubby Spotted Without Wedding Band, Demise Already Speculated

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 31, 2011

Kim Kardashian and her NBA boyfriend Kris Humphries have only been married for a cup of coffee and there are already photos of Kim’s husband surfacing without him wearing his wedding band. Humphries and Kardashian were seen arriving back at their New York City hotel for dinner on Tuesday after a day of shooting Kim’s E! reality series, which is where the photo of Humphries’ nude finger was spotted.

Many are already speculating that the two may already be on the rocks, but scrutinizing everything about Kardashian and her inner circle usually comes with the territory, so that was to be expected.

Another possible red flag that their weeks old marriage may also be in trouble is because Kardashian made an appearance at this past Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards without her new husband. Instead, she was accompanied by Robin Antin, the Pussycat Dolls founder. When Kardashian was asked why her husband didn’t come with her, she said that he was in Minnesota “packing for NYC.”

The 26-year-old New Jersey Nets star was also spotted in Europe recently without the gold band. But what many of the critics aren’t talking about are the possible reasons why he isn’t wearing it — perhaps it was lost, or maybe he received a rash or an allergic reaction to the gold band, or maybe he just doesn’t like jewelry? Let the speculation begin.

  • Gorillaporn

    who in their right mind would put up with that smurf..
    he don’t need the money or loss of his family & friends …
    she’s trash but the worst of it is , she’s boring & not even remotely ‘likeable’..
    any girlfriends hon’? bet not ..
    waaaaaaaaay too jealous..
    buh-bye skank…

  • Allysontaylor7

    WTF This was all about $