Kim Kardashian’s Wedding: What You Need To Know

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 20, 2011

Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian’s wedding is today — and we have all the details about the guests, Kim’s dress, the dress code, the decorations, and more.

Celebrities such as Ciara, Kathie Lee Gifford, Ryan Seacrest, Eva Longoria, Serena Williams, Kelly Osbourne, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber Jennifer Lopez and Kanye West were all invited to the big bash, according to multiple sources. The wedding was called by Khloe Kardashian as America’s version of the “Royal Wedding” earlier this year, after all.

But don’t forget about the guests that Kim has un-invited. According to Life & Style, Kim had to axe 50 guests from appearing because of space restrictions and safety reasons.

“Once the fire department learned about all the TV equipment that’s going to be inside the space – the lights, the cameras and the production crew – Kim was told she had to cut the guest list by 50 people,” a source told the magazine. According to the New York Post, family members of Bruce Jenner’s sister, Lisa, have received the axe.

Friday morning, Kardashian called into her friend Ryan Seacrest’s nationally syndicated radio show to give last minute publicity to the weekend extravaganza, and she said that some of the tweets her family members have sent over the past few weeks were wrong in order to throw off the media and fans from knowing what’s really going to go down at the wedding.

Kourtney Kardashian, for example, recently shared that Kim’s bridesmaids will be wearing green dresses when a follower asked her this past week. Is that one of the tweets Kim was talking about?

The floral decorations for the event will have “thousands” of silver, white and black South African roses flown in to the estate near Montecito, California’s Four Seasons.

Kim is even having a dress code for the wedding. A source says that all guests must wear black and/or white, with no exceptions. This, of course, fueled speculation that Kim will wear a bold Vera Wang wedding dress other than the typical white dress in order to stand out.

“Kim knows better than anyone how to stay dramatic and there is no way she would let herself blend in with everyone else at her wedding by wearing a white dress,” the source said at the time. “If I know her, I bet she will wear red or some color so she pops against everyone else who will be in black or white.”

If you weren’t the luck few that receive an invite, don’t fret! The wedding will be taped tomorrow and broadcasted on E! as a two part, four hour event on October 8 and 9. Additionally, the first photos of the wedding will be displayed in People magazine. The Hollywood Reporter recently noted that she was will be paid $300,000 in exchange for the published photos. Or, you can literally be able to smell what Kim’s wedding scent by purchasing her perfume.

The wedding itself will have her step-dad Bruce walking her down the aisle with her sisters Khloe and Kourtney being the co-maid of honors.

The cake at the wedding has been described by various sources as a “Kate Middleton and Prince William copycat” and reportedly cost up to $20,000.

Oh, and if you plan on flying over the wedding in order to catch what is going on, don’t hold your breath. Most of the wedding will be taking place indoors or in tents in order to obstruct the view from the paparazzi or curious fans.

  • elle8

    Meanwhile children are starving to death in Somalia. Instead of registering for extravagant gifts, this media greedy and money hungry girl should request donations on behalf of those in poor children. Shame on the Kardashians and their and their so-called celebritydom.

    • Anon

      Dude, this is a celebrity news website….go spend your time on National Geographic or something. Sure, there are people in horrible situations, but everything about this wedding is for entertainment so just leave people you don’t know to do their thing and go save the rainforest on your own

  • kess

    i agree with the comment below.

  • Meow Meow

    I think that the comment below is stupid get a life okay its a wedding its supposed to be extravagent and kim has done work with childen who need help so maybe you should just shut up and also I highly doubt if you were famous you would be all sainty towards the children in somalia even though they need help

  • gladiminchina

    So first she has her friends and family send out fake tweets to “throw people off” but then she calls Secrest’s show for publicity for her wedding? But she is having it indoors so no lookieloos can see? What a bitch. Who is the advertising to if she doesn’t want anyone to see? And who needs to advertise a wedding anyway? The invitations weren’t enough? What a circus. She wishes she had ever a fraction of the class or sophistication of a real royal wedding. She even copied Kate’s cake? What a loser. I’m in China and didn’t even know about this until a friend mentioned it on FB. But even in China, Will and Kate were literally front page news. Can’t wait to follow up on the divorce proceedings next year!

  • Kaishaxox

    yess children maybe starving but im sure she donates great amounts to charity. she has worked hard fo money so why not spend it? and the only ones filming it are for keeping up because theres going to be a wedding special.know the facts before you say anything. i love you kimmie!

  • Deirdre Debeer

    oh i think she will be wearing a nice and soft pink dress ! she is such a beautiful woman! xx