Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman Introduce A Surrogate Baby

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 22, 2011

Singer and actress ,Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman, respectively, are once again parents. They were thrilled to announce the birth of their second daughter. The baby has been named as Faith Margaret Kidman Urban. Their first daughter, Sunday Rose was born in 2008. Although Sunday Rose was conceived by Nicole Kidman herself, Faith Margaret was born via surrogate. A gestational carrier gave birth to their second daughter. However, she is the biological child of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban.

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She recently said to a reputed magazine that her family is truly blessed with the presence of their baby daughter Faith Margaret. She thinks that her second child is like a gift. The couple also added that they are extremely thankful to all those people who have helped and supported them in the process of giving birth to this baby, especially the gestational carrier. However, although the couple were seen in their full romanticism at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night, they were rather secretive about the birth Faith Margaret. The baby was reportedly born on December 28, at the Women’s Hospital at Centennial in Nashville, but until this past week, the news was not publicized by the couple.

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A reputed source has stated that the couple booked the entire top floor of the hospital to ensure complete privacy and avoid any kind of media attention. Nevertheless, like what the beautiful lady said, her family seems to be really blessed with four children. Apart from the two kids, Faith Margaret and Sunday Rose, Nicole Kidman also nurtures two more children, Isabella and Connor whom she had adopted with her ex-husband Tom Cruise.

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