Keith Olbermann Pushed By Fans To Run For US Senate

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 26, 2011

Disappointed fans of Keith Olbermann who learned last week that he would be leaving the MSNBC cable network are now rallying together to have the liberal news anchor to run for Senate. The campaign is fast gathering momentum on Facebook and Twitter. The fans are calling on the former MSNBC host to run for the Senate seat in Connecticut which will be vacant after 2012. Joe Lieberman currently holds that seat.

VIDEO: Keith Olbermann announces he is leaving MSNBC

Fcebook and Twitter pages called “Draft Olbermann for Senate” have been created. The campaign was initiated by a blogger with the screen name “Stranded Wind”. Stranded Wind explained on his blog on Daily Kos that it wouldn’t be a problem getting Olbermann to run for seat in Connecticut. He believes that the move will help the Connecticut Democrats to determine whether Olbermann is the right candidate for 2012.

VIDEO: MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Bill Maher talk about Keith Olbermann leaving the network

Explained that, “[Olbermann] easily return [to Connecticut from New York, his current residence] and establish residency,” and recommended Olbermann and his lawyers discuss whether his “contract issues” with MSNBC “are a barrier.” The fan page on Facebook has 500 fans and the number is growing. They identify themselves as a bunch of fans who want to see Olbermann run for Senate. They describe their mission as so important, that they cannot afford to be silent on it.

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