Kanye West: ‘The Press Tries To Demonise Me’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 11, 2011

First Kanye West was saying that people look at him like he’s Hitler, now he is claiming that the media is out to get him. While at a music festival in Norway, the controversial rapper decided to stop his performance to rant about how negative the media portrays him.

Before the incident in question, however, West thanked the fans in attendance for appearing at the festival as well as making Watch the Throne, which was released on Monday, a hit. “I’m so thankful to have my voice back and I want to thank everyone. ‘Watch The Throne’ is number one in 23 countries with no press or promotion,” he said.

But the word “press” may have triggered him to start another rant, just days after he stated that people treated him like Hitler while he was in the UK to a loud chorus of boos from the fans.

“You know how I feel about the press,” he said. “I hate the press. They try to take my s**t out of context. They try to demonise me, but it don’t matter because my fans are always here,” he told the fans at the Oya Festival in Oslo on Wednesday.

As for the festival itself, West performed for a near 90 minutes and performed songs such as Monsters and All the Lights. However, during his rendition of the latter song, West accidentally fell over while on stage, which you can view in the embedded video below: