Justin Bieber Shot And Killed Off On Episode Of ‘CSI’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 18, 2011

Due to the ratings bump pop icon Justin Bieber generated for the CBS television network during his last appearance on CSI last year, Bieber once again made another guest spot on the hit television series this past Thursday night. February for television networks is considered “sweeps” month where the television networks beef up their shows with guest stars in order to generate additional eyeballs to their television series. This is why Justin Bieber reprised his role on last night’s episode of CSI.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber hand-in-hand with Selena Gomez in Santa Monica

Following the episode, Bieber generated buzz on Facebook and Twitter because he was killed off on the episode, with many of those who watched off the episode searching for “Justin Bieber shot”, which, of course, concerned many of his loyal fans. However, he was only shot on the television series, which means the character he played will likely not be returning to the series in the future. The episode involved Bieber being shot and murdered, effectively killing off his character.

Talking to MTV about the role in January, he spoiled the episode by admitting that he was killed off in the episode: “Yeah, I get killed in the episode. I definitely get murdered,” Bieber told MTV. He added, “It was really cool because I actually — I get shot, like, several times. I fall down, and there’s fake blood and everything. It’s crazy how the whole process is.”

Photos: Recent shots of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber seeming close, hand-in-hand

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