Justin Bieber’s Parents: When With Selena Gomez, Use Protection!

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 30, 2011

“Pregnancy scare!” That’s one of the headlines on a recent edition of Star Magazine, along with the photos of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. Is a shock tactic to get those at the grocery store to buy the magazine? Probably. Is it likely, though? Somewhat. After all, Gomez and Bieber have been have been seen getting very intimate in recent months, whether they are on vacation in Hawaii, in Bieber’s original home country of Canada, or in Los Angeles.

A source close to Star Magazine states that Bieber’s parents are getting increasingly worried that their young love will turn into a lifetime of regrets if his girlfriend Gomez gets pregnant. A source tells Star that “Justin’s been told straight up that if he’s having sex, he had better use protection” by his parents. The source adds, “Everyone knows their intentions are good, but they also know how easy it is to get worked up when you’re young and in love. It would only take a few moments of weakness to cause what could be a lifetime of regret.”

Last month, the Internet starting buzzing after Selena Gomez entered a hospital shortly after a Tonight Show taping, with many fans of Bieber and Gomez, as well as critics of the two, started rumors that Gomez was in the hospital because she was experiencing early pregnancy symptoms. Of course, it turned out to be a false alarm because Gomez said that she was simply “very malnourished” due to a poor diet.