Justin Bieber Plans To Marry Selena Gomez: Source

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 04, 2011

According to a source close to Justin Bieber from Now Magazine, an accident that recently happened to his close friend Sean Kingston — and put him in critical condition, even though he has since stabilized — made Bieber realize how short life is, and is reportedly looking to ask Selena Gomez to marry him during her 19th birthday in July. A source close to the pop star made him “seriously consider his future”.

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Much to the dismay of many of Bieber’s female fans, Bieber and Gomez have gotten very close as of late, where photos of the two revealed the two kissing during a vacation in Hawaii, and then Bieber taking Gomez to his hometown in Canada where Gomez met Bieber’s family and even had a private dinner with them without Bieber present. Regarding the wedding, a source said, “He’s not in any rush to head down the aisle, but after such a fantastic time in Maui together it’s really cemented how he feels about Selena and is hoping she’ll… say yes.”

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If the source is correct, the proposal will happen at the birthday party that Bieber himself is personally organizing. The source, however, notes that even though Bieber seriously considered marrying Gomez, this was directly after he learned about the news about Kingston, and he may have since reconsidered taking such a big step. On the other hand, after months of dating, many are noting how Gomez and Bieber themselves took a big step by having Gomez spend time with Bieber’s family, which could possibly be an indication of a wedding possibly occurring.