Justin Bieber Is Reportedly Cheating On Selena Gomez

Written by Michael Lambarde on Mar. 26, 2011

For months, Justin Bieber has been linked to his girlfriend and Disney Channel star Selena Gomez. However, a source close to Bieber and Gomez says that Bieber may not have been faithful to Gomez and apparently cheated on her with Jasmine Villegas, who made headlines with Bieber months ago when she was shown kissing him in his car. The same girl also appeared on Bieber’s “Baby” music video.

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A source close to Bieber and Gomez notes that because of Bieber’s new-found fame, “he’s not content to settle for just one girl. While he and Selena were together for the February premiere of his documentary Never Say Never, he was secretly sending romantic text messages to Jasmine – saying he was sad she wasn’t with him,” the source continued to add.

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The source finished dishing by adding, “Ever since he had a heavy make out session with Jasmine in his car last fall, he’s had a huge crush on her and desperately wants to hook up with her again. Even though he’s just seventeen, Justin is turning into a mini-player. And it’s just a matter of time.”

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