Justin Bieber Finally Cuts His Hair After It Grew For Three Years

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 26, 2011

This week, whether it was his NBA All-Stars MVP win, his hit movie in theaters or taking over Twitter, Justin Bieber is all over the place. This week, he was all over the news once again as he trimmed off his trademark hairdo and got a haircut, which left many of his fans searching for photos of his new look. Talking to TMZ, Bieber admitted that after three years, he believed that it was time to cut his hair. He also mentioned that his hair was also getting in his face as another reason for it being time to trim his hair.

PHOTOS: Shots of Justin Bieber’s new haircut

During the interview he said that, “It’s been three years, and my hair was always getting in my eyes, and it was time for a change.” Bieber broke the news on Twitter about his new haircut and announced that he would be giving the remains of his hair to charity. As for the new look, he said he loves it because it makes him look more mature. Bieber is 16-years-old.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber hand-in-hand with Selena Gomez in Santa Monica

The hair was cut by Vanessa Price who afterward tweeted with the new image of the singer. She tweeted that, “Ladies and gentlemen…@justinbieber 2011!!” Bieber has for some time now been giving the indication that he would be cutting his hair.

Photos: Photos of Bieber’s new haircut that is generated buzz all over the Internet

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