Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez: Did They Break Up?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 04, 2011

Is Justin Bieber in a romance war with Jasmine Villegas and Selena Gomez? Over the weekend, there were rumors flying all over the Internet that the woman that Bieber has been linked to for months now, Selena Gomez, and Bieber split, although it certainly has not been confirmed. The rumor stems from Justin Bieber reportedly being caught texting his ex-girlfriend Jasmine Villegas, who has an uncanny resemblance to Gomez. Villegas has a past with Bieber and opened for him during his concert in 2010.

PHOTOS: Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber’s name initialed on her dog tags — did Justin give them to her?

Now, WagerRun.com is reporting that they have heard “exclusively” that Bieber and Gomez have indeed split up — and it all happened after Bieber texted Villegas saying that he and his near-year relationship with Gomez was done. There is no word, (1) if it is true, and (2) if Bieber sent multiple texts — the first of which may have been while he and Gomez were an item, and possibly another text after Gomez heard about the news and Bieber texted Villegas back saying that they are no more.

WagerRun reports that Bieber wanted to get back to “real life”, which is why he and Gomez decided to split. Bieber and Gomez have been linked together for almost a year now and have denied having a relationship to the public, but photo after photo of the couple as of late have shown the two holding hands, kissing, meeting each others families, and even having vacations in Hawaii together, amongst other places.

PHOTOS: Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez in Hawaii – get close inside the water

After the rumor ran rampant on Twitter and Facebook, Villegas posted the following tweet on Twitter: “Don’t involve me in the drama… I don’t even know what’s going on.. I won’t ever be a home wrecker..Bye” Bieber also shared a tweet over the weekend posted the following, fueling the rumors that he and Gomez have indeed split. Many people said that it was Bieber’s way of making a public apology. “What makes you so beautiful is that you don’t know how beautiful you are… to me,” his cryptic message said.

PHOTOS: Shots of Justin Bieber with Jasmine Villegas while they were an item

Justin Bieber was just with Gomez six days ago (July 28) at the opening of her We Own the Night tour, clearly supporting her by wearing one of her t-shirts. But as we all know, if the rumor that the two are indeed broken-up, relationships can come crashing down quickly with the youngsters.

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    HEY Justin guess what i have had your baby now and its a boy what should we named him

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    They didn’t break up cause of jasmine.They broke up cause Selena is to nice to have a bf who hangs out with rappers LOL

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    Oh my gee. Jelena no more. If what Justin did was true, I am team Selena all the way. He is just being a whore.

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    they didn’t even spilt up I just saw on tv they went to the teen choice awards
    together as boyfriend and girlfriend do u people believe everything u see.

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    Please they are probably tired of all the press, and don’t want everything they do to get out.

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    Found a interview with Justin and Selena about their future together!

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    thank god they broke up… now i can have him for me!

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    selena ur just being a bitch u hang out wif who ever u want so he can hang out wif who ever he want and u hang out with rapper tp soooo stop being a bitch hes almost 18 and relly gite a life cuzz ur 19 and hes 17 hes still a kid ur an adult soo ur baicly rapeing him u was useing him to gite popular anyway and it dident work cuzz everybody has u cuuzz ur a slut and ur pregant and dont say ur not when u r

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  • Thats just a rumor they did not breack up

  • Thats just a rumor they did not break up dont belive everything that you hear

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      sorry justin hates her now because she is talentless

  • Thats just a rumor they did not break up dont belive everythig that you here

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    ok so i realy like justin allooooooooooooooooooot im a major fan of him i love him more than words can say then came him with selena i never did like selena much a month passed and i hated selena even more for dating justin now i like selena if justins happy im happy i think all of u should think the same way if u love justin u wouldve thought the same way and be wise instead of throwing bad words and rumors bout her at least till they brake up (long relationships are hard no matter what)