Joplin Schools Reopen Less Than 3 Months After Devastating Storms

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 18, 2011

After a devastating tornado that killed 160 people and left thousands more residents out of a home, Wednesday was the first day of school for many residents — a sign of hope that things were slowly starting to get back to normal. This comes less than three months after a tornado wiped out nearly one-third of the city on May 22.

Public schools such as Stapleton Elementary and South Middle School, neither of which were damaged by the twister, reopened as hundreds of students were welcomed back by their teachers. In addition, 10 schools that were partly or entirely destroyed were replaced 87 days after the storm that received nationwide attention.

Many of the faculty members at the school were left without a home, but the city had promised that schools would open on time, and they did.

Around this time of year, students dread going back to school after a near three month vacation, but many of the students in Joplin proudly returned to school, excited for a much-needed fresh beginning.

Many of the supplies and furniture at the new schools that were opened, such as tables and chairs for the students, were either donated or bought to replace what the storm took away.

According to the New York Times, officials estimate that damages from the powerful tornado will cost the city over $150 million.