Jon Huntsman Takes Health Care Jab At Romney, Tries To Make Splash In Race

Written by Timothy Ruth on Aug. 03, 2011

Jon Huntsman, a lesser-known candidate vying for the Presidency in 2012, has called out frontrunner Mitt Romney, slamming him over his health care bill. Huntsman, who is barely registering in recent key polls and promised to keep his campaign civil and on the high-road, likely made the statements to try to make a splash in the race.

Regarding Romney’s statewide health care program that he initiated in the state of Massachusetts while he was Governor, Huntsman said on Tuesday, “You can either look at the heavy handed government-centric mandate enforcing people’s behavior, which in cases like Massachusetts, we have seen premiums rise substantially…or you can create a free market based exchange, which we chose in Utah.”

This is just one of the many jabs that Huntsman has thrown as the way of Romney. At a recent event in South Carolina a few weeks back, he noted that while Romney was Governor, his state was 47th in job creation, but when Huntsman was Governor of Utah, his state was first. “Not first, but 47th,” Huntsman said.

According to a national poll released by Pew Research last week amongst all of the GOP hopefuls, Romney led the pack amongst the 2012 field with 21 points, better than Rick Perry’s 12 points, Michele Bachman and Sarah Palin’s 11 points, Ron Paul’s 9 points, Herman Cain’s 8 points, Newt Gingrich and Tim Pawlenty’s 3 points, and Rick Santorum’s 1 point. Huntsman failed to register on the poll.