Jon Huntsman: I Like Our Chances Of Winning GOP Presidential Nomination

Written by Keith Roberts on Aug. 28, 2011

Although Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman is polling last against his competitors, he believes he will be able to clinch the nomination for president once the GOP primary is over next year. In an interview with FOX News, Huntsman says not to look that closely into the preliminary polling data.

“If this had been the reality last go-around in 2008, Fred Thompson would be president if you kind of read the polls then. Howard Dean would have been president in 2004,” Huntsman said in an interview on Saturday. “How many front-runners have we had in this race already in several months? Probably four or five.”

The former governor is polling 1% nationally, according to the latest Gallup poll released this week. He is well behind the current front-runner Rick Perry, who is polling in at 29%. He is also behind Mitt Romney (17%), Ron Paul (13%), Michele Bachmann (10%), Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich (4% each, respectively), and Rick Santorum’s 3%.

“I like our chances because our message is straightforward, it’s honest, it’s based on my record, and it’s based on a commonsense conversation with the people who are facing a Category 5 economic storm in this country,” the former Utah Governor said in the interview.

The polling was taken from August 17-21; the latter date was the day that Huntsman made headlines on an ABC weekend talk show by criticizing his Republican rivals, including Rick Perry’s evolution comments, Michele Bachmann’s promise to lower gas to $2/gallon, and Mitt Romney’s flip-flops throughout his career. The interview was then highlighted on various news programs throughout the week. He also did other interviews shortly afterwards, including with CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight and PBS’s NewsHour. Huntsman is also scheduled to appear on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning.

  • The media picked the candidates last election cycle. We learned our lessons the hard way. You won’t convince us to support Huntsman. We learned our lesson with McCain.

    Huntsman is a liberals view of what a republican should be – so here’s a suggestion – put him up against Obama in the primary. He’s easily better than that guy and should win.

    • Anonymous


  • When he donated money to Harry Reid’s campaign…that ended any interest I might have had towards him.

  • Jon Huntsman is at the bottom of the barrel for a reason. Many conservative Republicans view Huntsman as a shill for Obama. He has served in the Obama Administration as ambassador to China, and is spoken of in glowing terms by administration officials. It is more than obvious that Huntsman is a friend of the current hated administration. Many grass roots Republicans do not feel that Huntsman can be trusted. His conservative credentials are very much in doubt. His connections to Obama and the left wing are a little too cozy for comfort. Most conservatives are looking for a return to originalism or fundamental constitutional government. The popular left wing interpretation of the Constitution as a “dynamic” or growing document is held in disdain by the rank and file. It is suspected that Huntsman subscribes to this view of the Constitution. Conservative Republicans believe in a strict interpretation of constitutional law. Anyone so closely associated with Obama is likely to see the Constitution as “flexible.” In my opinion Huntsman is doomed to failure because of his association with the extreme left wing, and his endorsement by blue blood elites within the Republican Party. If he in not a shill for Obama, then he does a good imitation. His ideological purity is rife with unanswered questions. The endorsement of Huntsman by the blue blood elites is perhaps even worse that his close association with Obama. At this point in our history, we cannot afford to take a chance on a probable turncoat. After all, we want “change we can believe in.”

    • Anonymous


    • Zookeeper

      I understand that right-wingers have their particular position, but what makes them think that they are interested in “fundamental constitutional” anything? Proposed amendments to take away congress’s right to borrow money (requiring a balanced budget) and enforce their definition of marriage (man + woman = marriage) in conjunction with erosion of the separation of church and state certainly do not match the intentions of the original framers. Right-wingers want their own version of the constitution, much like liberals do. Neither matches the intentions of the founding fathers.

      • Lightspeed

        Amending the Constitution is a process laid out in the Constitution itself, genius. So, yes, it WAS the original intent of the framers to give the people the ability to change the Constitution when 3/4 of the states agreed and voted on it (a very high bar).

        “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms (of government) those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Camden Summers

    Looks like you guys are up to your old tricks again. You gave the sheep John McShame last time, and something like that just won’t happen again.

  • Anonymous

    Huntsman is unique among the repub candidate. He is honest and he has the best interest of the American people. He is a centrist for all Americans to want to be our president. I believe repub , independent and repub democrat will vote for him.

    • Andrew Panken

      Yeah, let’s vote for four more years of Obama/Bush with Huntsman.

  • Andrew Panken

    Your placement of this article as some great news item is entirely silly. Who cares what Jon Huntsman says except you and your fellow media?

  • Anonymous

    I’m glad he likes his chances, because nobody else does. this guy would be a moderate to conservative Democrat in the party of Pelosi-Reid-Obama, but would have been to the Left of Scoop Jackson and LBJ. With the Republican primary voters he’s nowhere.

  • KeepUSCompetitive

    I am an Independant who had been a Republican & for over 3 decades. The only Republican Candidate whom I would vote for would be Jon Huntsman. He is focused on real-world solutions to our problems. Other Republican Candidates focus on ideology, touting how conservative they are, spending all of their time complaining (even suggesting that the US should default on debt already incurred). Gov. Huntsman is the only Candidate in the Field who is talking about how he would grow both jobs & our economy, while reducing our National debt. He has had successful experience as a job creating Governor, & as a US Ambassador to China. I don’t care about who is the most conservative. I do care about who can get results by leading our Nation in creating an environment which supports much needed jobs & economic growth.

    • Anonymous

      Go ahead and vote for democrats. I am sure you believe in devaluing the dollar, Keynesian economics, the Stimulus, the bailouts, man-made climate change, and truly believe that if we just taxed the “rich” more we could keep all the “goodies” that government is providing us already. See there, you are at least a democrat-lite. Good riddance.

  • Bill Milligan

    I was at the Georgia straw poll yesterday. I appreciate the fact that you’re still in the race, because the Ron Paul booth had too many supporters and literature to fit on our allotted table. Since nobody bothered sitting at your table to support you, we kind of took your table over. If your campaign were any less delusional we’d have gotten pretty cramped.

    In the end, out of about a thousand votes, you got exactly three. I like your chances for winning too, John. They’re vanishingly small.

  • Anonymous

    Huntsman should stop wasting his retirement money and withdraw now. He has absolutely no chance of winning the nomination. Ron Paul doesn’t either and needs to retire. They are both doing the GOP a disservice by staying in the race.

  • Ajmacneil34

    If he would change the tax codes that all are equal and have the big companies that don’t want to invest at least 60% back into this country to be removed from the NYSE.

  • Peter Dust

    How does one become a Republican? Why just by saying so, of course. The voters of Utah took him at his word. The national Republican electorate has different requirements. If he thinks his campaign requires that he damage any real potential Republican candidates, he’ll be at less than 1 percent before long.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, Jon, but the present-day GOP and Republican fan base will never tolerate a sensible, rational, intelligent candidate. They want another dumb, pious empty suit like George W Bush.

    Thanks, however, for showing us that intelligent Republicans still exist in tiny colonies here and there, although, like the passenger pigeon, they appear fated for extinction.

    • Tina Rocha

      isolate, I say tomato and you say red things.

  • Tina Rocha

    Yes Jon and I like my chances walking on the sun.

  • Steve_J

    Right. Now go and have a cookie it’s almost nap time.

  • Chairman1057

    Huntsman is a joke. He worked for Obama. Why?
    A: he liked him and his message. That should disqualify him as a republican nominee.
    B: He just wanted any job and did not care about anything else. That makes him a political prostitute.
    C: He is absolutely clueless about consequences of one’s actions.
    D: His message is something I can never embrace. It is a wishy-washy propaganda of “why don’t we just get along.” I tell you why, Jon: it is because the libs’ ideology and vision are destroying this great country. Jon, you don’t understand. We do not want a compromise! Compromise brought is 14 trillion deficit.
    I rest my case.

  • Anonymous

    either the man is lying to make it seem he thinks he can win, or he is dillusional and out of touch with reality. I know of know conservative who will vote for him. He can only get the votes of liberals who crossover and vote for him in primaries and some independents. I predict he will be out of the race by winter.

  • If he was in Hamas, they would have strung him up from a lamp post a long time ago after accused of being a collaborator with Israel. And for once they’d be right. This guy is such a snake. No, snake is too high on the species chart. He’s a worm. He’ll run as Obama’s third party lackey.

  • Lightspeed

    Obama v. Hunstman, first debate:

    Obama: “Well, John, if this Presidency thing doesn’t work out for you, you can always come back to work for me…”

  • Anonymous

    Go to Vegas and find a book-maker that will let you bet on the odds Jon Huntsman decides to run as a third party Independent. Huntsman’s entire candidacy is to aid the re-election of his former boss, President Obama. In a few weeks, maybe a month or two, Huntsman will proclaim the GOP out of touch and say something along the lines of “I haven’t left my party, my party left me.” Then he’ll play media hero by announcing his “brave” break from the GOP and run as an “independent” and he’ll replay and recite all the things this article mentions about him. He’ll siphon off just enough votes to insure Obama is re-elected. During his independent run he’ll spend more time distancing himself from the GOP than he will his former boss. Find the bookmaker, make the bet, and get yourself a ton of cash! Trust me, you’ll be the only one with any money left during Obama’s second term. Well, you, and Jon Huntsman. He’ll find plenty of money somehow too.

  • Huntsman should be the Republican candidate, it’s his turn!

    • The 50% sucking the rest of us dry checks in.

    • Anonymous

      Brilliant logic! “Mossy Rock should be the Republican candidate, it’s his turn!”

      Do you have any current running between your ears at all?

  • Anonymous

    LMAO! Huntsman has even less chance of winning the nomination than Ron Paul.This guy should be challenging Obama for the Socialist,er,Democrat nomination!

  • OMG! Did Obama send you or Trumka?

  • Anonymous

    Note to Jon: Sam Brownback, Tom Tancredo, and Duncan Hunter were not the nominees either, and they had your kind of poll numbers. Pointing out someone who had substantial support who did not win the nomination is in no way analogous to your situation.

  • Anonymous

    Oh no, won’t happen Jon. You see we on the right pay attention and we know what you are. You aren’t even a RINO, you’re a Dem who is disguising himself as a Republican. RINO’s are bad enough (see McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Rove) and we saw how well that turned out last election. McShame couldn’t even beat a community organizer senator who voted present and had zero qualifications to be our President. Mr. Huntsman, it will be a cold day in a Texas summer before the right will vote for you.

    • Bdbertsche

      YA, Texans can’t be fooled. It not like we gave america a president for 8 yrs that gave us the most debt ever and an. Economy in shambles…….oh wait….hey, at least he was a good texans raised with our southern values….by his Blue blood elitist new England family………ya, u cant fool us texans!

      • Anonymous

        Nice diversion from the main topic bertie. When last I looked this was an article on Huntsman not W. You Dembulbs on the left just slay me. Talk about W all you want but your boy Obama has spent more in the last 3 years than all the previous years combined. I’m talking from Geo Washington to 2009! Yep, W spent too much and I wasn’t happy when he did but your idiot-in-chief has spent us into a depression. I cannot wait to see your heads explode when a Republican is in the white house in 2012 and it will happen!. As to the tired old meme that it was W’s fault, give it a rest. Just like the charges of racism leveled at the Tea Party no one is buying it anymore. Obama and you lefties OWN this economy. Ever heard of QE1 or QE2? Obamacare adding to the debt? Porkulus? Of course not. You are too busy screaming Bush Bush Bush! God news for you pal, W’s been out of office since 09. Grow up, man up (if that’s possible for you liberals) and realize that your liberal policies don’t work. Now this PROUD Texan is done.

  • Bdbertsche

    agreed jonathan it is baaaddd. forget the fact that moderates and and i ndependents choose the president. “oo,oo john mccain was not conservative enough”… enough don’t vgote in protest, wa, wa! So, with your disdain with obamas policies, “howe that strateg y working for ya?” Ba, ha ha…”ideolog” should be changed to “idiotolog”! Go Obama, only ashes will be left when these “true Conservatives are done attacking each other! BTW 85% of debt up to Obama was under repubs. So how’s that neocon, pro war, old school base working for the party? Go ROn!

  • Joseph

    Many of the folks on here obviously have prejudged Jon. Do some homework about the candidates long enough to actuallly see what he has to offer. Jon is the most experienced with the best intentions that I can see of and he stands by his record.