John Kerry, Former Obama Adviser Blame S&P Downgrade On The Tea Party

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 07, 2011

With Standard & Poor’s downgrading the credit rating of the United states down from AAA to AA+, Democrats took to the Sunday talk shows to put the blame on Tea Party Republicans.

Former Presidential candidate and current US Senator John Kerry as well as former adviser to President Obama, David Axelrod, took jabs at the Tea Party, calling the S&P downgrade a “Tea Party downgrade”.

“The Tea Party brought us to the brink of a default,” Axelrod said on CBS’s Face The Nation. “For months, the president was saying, let’s get together, let’s compromise,” Axelrod said. “We thought we had such an arrangement with the Speaker of the House … then he went back to his caucus; he had to yield to the most strident voices in his party. They played brinkmanship with the full faith and credit of the United States. This was the result in that.”

Former DNC chairman Howard Dean, also on Face The Nation, echoed the statements by Axelrod. “I think they’re totally unreasonable and doctrinaire and not founded in reality,” Dean said. “I think they’ve been smoking some of that tea, not just drinking it.”

Senator Kerry of Massachusetts also weighed in Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press. “I believe this is, without question, the ‘Tea Party downgrade,'” Kerry said. “This is the Tea Party downgrade because a minority of people in the House of Representatives countered even the will of many Republicans in the United States Senate who were prepared to do a bigger deal” of at least $4 trillion that included a mix of reductions, entitlement reforms and revenue enhancement.

David Beers, who heads up the S&P government debt rating unit, however, defended taking part in the downgrade on FOX News, but didn’t play the partisan blame game.

Beers noted that he feels that both President Obama’s administration as well as Congress were both responsible. “[The downgrade] is really not about either political party,” Beers said. “It’s about the difficulty of all sides in finding, you know, a consensus around fiscal policy choices, now and in the future.”

Late Friday, S&P downgraded the US’s credit line for the first time in history because the recent deficit reduction plan wasn’t enough to stabilize the debt of the country. Previously, John Chambers, head of sovereign ratings, said that a “good start” in the debt cuts would be around $4 trillion, which is a little less than half of the $2.4 trillion that was eventually signed by President Obama.

  • Marquette70

    Just like the immigration issue. The choice is stop the traffic into this country or have a way for citizenship. The debt problem is stop the spending then raise revenue. In both issues, stop the bleeding then fine tune it later.

    • Anonymous

      This is a absolute shame of tea party
      Wackos not understanding even the
      Most basic economic principles and
      Placing our country in economic jeopardy
      To force their extremism. Despite their
      Culpability, the president once again caved
      To these extremists with his love affair
      With compromising with those that see him
      As not even a U S citizen. What a pussy!
      Obama should have envoked the 14th
      Amendment and not had any legislative efforts
      Attached to a routine procedure that needs to
      Be done no matter how ugly and unfortunate
      Our economic status has taken us to continue
      This pattern. He needs to stand up to the
      Boner and McConnel, Cantor weasels for once.
      Someone please run against Obama or Romney
      Or Perry will end up beating Obama. Run Hillary!
      You have more Balls than Obama.

      • dk

        Do you mean invoked? Free speech is wasted on Americans.

        • Anonymous

          Sorry about that mistake in my spelling of invoke. I am certain that you or anyone of your compatriots has never mad a mistake in spelling a word. Thanks also for a well thought out comment who either supports or disagrees with my position on the debt ceiling issue. We have now been downgraded to a lower credit risk after the hostage taking of the tea-partiers. But that pales in comparison to my misspelling of INVOKE. YOU HAVE YOUR PRIORITIES IN ORDER MY FRIEND.
          Craig Davidson

      • JonSE

        Dude, that stuff you are smoking must be really strong, or else you are off your meds.

        • Anonymous

          It’s people like you with your fox tv blaring in the background. Wacking off in your US flag for that country you haven’t don’t shit for. As soon as bad times happen to your country you don’t want to suck it up grow some nuts and help. You just want to unleash the Right Wing panacea: tax cuts!!! It never ever has worked and never will. We never should have messed with boner and McConnel. 14 th amendment passed. Debt ceiling raised to cover ALREADY DEBTS WE ARE OBLIGATED TO!!! Then a bipartisan meeting with real compromise. Obama was willing to make compromises on soc. Sec. Amd Medicare and also on some of these public retirement and labor union issues which should be addressed. The republicans should stop hedge fund Managers who make millions from paying the same taxes as their secretaries. No more corporate welfare to the oil industries. And a pullout of the Mideast. But republicans are for themselves and the rich. Not middle class folks and the poor. Those that Jesus preached about helping. The big contradiction of the CHRISTIAN HYPOCRITS. NOTICE HOW FOX NEWS NEVER INVITES BILL CLINTON, MARIO CUOMO OR JAMES CARVILLE TO INTERVIEW ON THEIR VIEWS. THEY KNOW HOW TO DEBATE ON FACTS. NOT DIS AND MIS INFORMATION FOX IS SO GOOD AT. INSTEAD THEY PICK CREAM PUFFS.

          Craig Davidson

      • joe2000

        here’s another one. He’s just talkin out of his ass. find him and skin him alive. You don’t become more of piece of shit than these guys. FIND AND THEM AND RIP THE TO PIECES. THESE ARE EVIL PEOPLE. they don’t know the basics of economics… Like nacy pelosi explains how unemployment gives us 2 dollars for every dollar we put in. You guys need to be roasted alive. You need to be screaming for death. It’s true. enough is enough. find these guys and send the to hell where they belong. make them scream for death. think about it. then think somemore. they deserve it.

      • joe2000

        sorry buddy but the 14th amendment does not say that congress isn’t in charge of spending. What comprise? They raised the debt ceiling, They increased spending AND THEY INCREASED TAXES. NOW YOU NEED TO BE FOUND AND ROASTED ALIVE> It’s time for you to die. it’s well past time., you evil piece of shit.

        • Anonymous

          The spending was already decided before. These are obligations and most of it was set way before this President took over. The compromise was in calling back decent chunks of change… without increased revenue on those who are getting a cheap ride off the working class and this nation’s resources.

      • Anonymous

        The compromise wasn’t devastating. It will also provide cover for cutting down our military somewhat and adjusting some of our programs. What is most important is to show who are the extremists. Obama took the average position of Republicans and even this was too much for the extremists. There is still plenty of time to raise taxes on those who just accumulate it and don’t put it back into the US economy. People need to see that the White House is willing to compromise. No one likes a dictator. The people, for better or worse, have to have a hand in the final decision. And currently, by voting in tea partyers, the people have “decided” to be stubborn to the extreme by proxy. Of course, let’s hope that the voting is not being hijacked.

        • NonBeliever

          Let’s cut Obamacare instead. Oh right, that wast on the table at all. Savings = 1 trillion.

          • Anonymous

            Some of the top economies in the world and most stable nations (eg, with less crime) have universal health care.

            Health care in the US is going to change appearance before this is all over, but we are heading towards not letting private very wealthy firms decide if they want to play hardball and abandon people when they most need the insurance.

            We have a revenue problem because we have a privileged class that is allowed to exploit everyone else with weak referee action and with rules written by that very class.

          • NonBeliever

            All are socialist democracies. All are in various states of financial duress. Your argument is tax the rich until poor, spend it all, AND THEN WHAT?

          • Anonymous

            Most of the national tax argument today is about raising taxes on upper income bracket by a few percent and perhaps eliminating the special privilege of capital gains which is where most of the damage is done.

            [I as said in other comment, I’m going to hit the sack really soon. so….]

  • That damn radical crazy tea party. They are all a bunch of lunatics like the mainstream media says. I mean, really. How dare they try and point out that we are spending more than we can afford. Crazies I tell you. Let’s just keep spending more and more, lowering our credit rating more and more (because the damn tea party won’t shut their mouths about the spending) and eventually bankrupt the country. That’s what I call real compassion for the people.

    • Bobcaso

      You’re not very bright are you? Teatards were very quiet while you right wing ass clowns spent our surplus. Nothing dumber than a teatard! It wasn’t about spending.. it was about paying off our debt which is the responsible thing to do!

      • JonSE

        Idiot! Ignorance and bad hygiene are fixable; stupid and ugly are permanent.

      • joe2000

        No they weren’t you need to be found and sent to death. that is not true at all. they were not silent. you’re talking out of your ass and we see you and we know you. you need to be killed. You’re a liar. You’re going to be a dead liar. HANG THIS MOTHER FUCKER AND RIPP HIM TO PIECES. THIS IS TOTAL PIECE OF SHIT. AKE HIM SCREA FOR DEATH.

      • NonBeliever


        • Anonymous

          The money is being spend by OUR government. It isn’t the Dems or Reps. You can’t just cut off obligations. We also had a serious problem in the financial sector.

          The taxes suggested are on the wealthiest folks who are underpaying. They have many more assets than they pay in taxes. Assets that our military, courts, and everything else protect for them (without charging them extra since we only tax yearly income not accumulated wealth being protected year after year). And this privileged class gets to use their gains from birth or from prior years to win easier and easier each year while everyone else has to work harder to stay even because we don’t have those levers. Even the game of monopoly has a reset button so that new fresh ideas and a potentially new winner has a chance.

          Stop defending the super-rich. We need more revenues, period. The majority of Americans are tired of letting the top 2% get a free ride. We work for thousands of dollars, they profit for millions of them off our work… and our nations’ land and other resources. .. and interest money is easy money. Capital gains is easy money. These are being taxes at joke rates. Which means you are insulting all of us who work and don’t get a fraction of those money-making opportunities and privileges.

          • NonBeliever

            Scroll down since I addressed this already. 50% who don’t pay taxes are getting the free ride, not the 2%

          • Anonymous

            I looked (sort of fast) and didn’t see any rational argument that says that it’s those not paying income taxes that are getting the freebies. The after tax is what counts. If one group of people, call them slaves, gets $0 for doing all the work (let’s pretend.. for argument’s sake) — well, I got news for you — those slaves are NOT the ones getting a freebie. The freebie is taken by those whom OUR government backs and allows to own so much under such terms so as to profits off the majority of the work done by others.

          • NonBeliever

            The poor receive EIC. Government money redistributed from the taxedas a “tax return”. Food stamps, WIC, etc, etc…

          • Anonymous

            That is chump change. The poor also work 40+ hours many times doing hard work and making much MUCH less than many upper middle class. However, this isn’t about poor v. upper middle class. This is about almost everyone v. the super wealthy who are paying less than many working people making millions of dollars.. sometimes just buying government treasuries and earning interest and adding to the public debt.

          • Lmd

            How much more than you owe in taxes do you pay?

          • Coons63

            It is a fact that the richest 5% of this country are shouldering 60% of all taxes paid.

          • Anonymous

            But they get much more than 60% of the asset benefits from this land and its resources.

            Slaves (at any time period in any nation) also didn’t pay taxes. I suppose you think slaves owe their masters. No, the masters have an easy life because of the rules that allow the slaves to get so little.

      • so hows the 4th grade treating you again? Wearing big boy pants yet..nice sippy cup

      • Lmd


    • Anonymous

      The privileged class is getting a free ride in privilege-dom on the backs of this nation’s resources (including its workers, land, minerals, military, courts, etc). The tea party appears hell-bent on sinking everyone before they ask the privileged class to pay their fair share (or even a little bit more) for all their usage and protection afforded by the People.

      Our household needs to raise the price we are charging our privileged clients. Then we will have higher revenue to deal with our “spending problems” much more rationally.

      • NonBeliever

        Check you facts. The rich pay all the taxes now. The 50% who dont are freeloading off the government, complaining they dont get enough of the rich peoples money. So who pays your salary J-SEX? The homeless? Oh, probably someone “rich”. Maybe they can cut your job and give your salary to Obumma. You up for that?

        • Anonymous

          My facts are checked. The after-tax income and accumulated assets of the super wealthy keep growing relative to everyone else. If people don’t pay “income” taxes, as half didn’t in 2009, it’s also true they get much less income making opportunities than the easy money-making opportunities offered only to the wealthy yet taxed at ridiculously low rates for the work put in. The majority of people sweat day in and out. The super wealthy sit on their arses in comparison because they make so much much much more for that “work”.

          • NonBeliever

            So you must have received half of your parents income as allowance as a kid. They made way to much compared to you.

          • Anonymous

            As one example.. Are you denying that most people in this nation work many hours and have a tiny fraction of control and of assets and make much much less than someone sitting on their arse investing 10 million here and 10 million there making risk free interest and adding to the public debt?

            What in the world does that have to do with half of parents income for doing almost nothing? The majority of money and assets go to those 2% who certainly don’t come close to doing the work of the other 98%.

            …I am going to go try to sleep about an hour and a half before I have to get up. So maybe I’ll finish this conversation some other day ..or not. ..Later.

          • CommonSense99

            Josex I don’t know if you noticed, but that $10M you are talking about is worth about $5M today. Those people are the ones taking the risk, and getting taxed the most when they succeed. And when they succeed, guess what that means? JOBS!

          • Anonymous

            No, the wealthy generally have a better chance of selling part of their fortunes high and buying back low. They can wait out while most poorer people are forced to sell.

            And I said 10 million today as an example. And I used the example of risk free interest paid by US gov bonds.

            Compete against any small (actual small) business owner, with the same capabilities as you when you have 10 or more times as much money as they do and you will be in a much better position to drive them out of business and then raise your prices. You also will likely own and accumulate equity while they lease.

            You also have the US government using its resources to defend 10 million+ of assets without charging you anything extra (eg, recovery fees and protection/insurance fees) that you inevitably rely on when you take someone or threaten to take someone to court (eg, to keep them from using your land to plant their crops to be able to eat). Meanwhile the gov doesn’t defend nearly that from most people; you get a greater service value without a doubt — and it is year in and out based on your accumulated wealth (more than 60% of total assets for top 5%) not on solely that year’s income.

            Whatever happened to each person getting an equal chance at success in this nation? Clearly those with a head start (especially if their descendants robbed the American natives and built up huge land and other holdings) get to build on it and make easier and easier money as their wealth keeps going up.

            That easier and easier money to make has to be taxed at a significantly higher rate if you believe in fairness.

            If the very wealthy didn’t have so many advantages, the smaller businesses would be employing even more people than they are today. More folks would own more land and have some leverage and not so much of an uphill battle. Our wealth imbalance is making it harder and harder on most folks and on most small businesses.

      • CommonSense99

        Josex, sorry you are so mis-informed. the “privileged class” already pays 80% of the taxes, and create 100% of the jobs. The Tea Party is the only group yelling loud and long against government spending. And if BO and his crowd raise the taxes on the “privileged class” it won’t be enough anyway. Do the math.

        • Anonymous

          “100% of the jobs!!” Wow, that one **almost** fooled my baby nephew. I think um.. your numbers are wrong. The wealthiest own more in assets than they pay in taxes.

          Next time you have the opportunity to get a raise, make sure to turn it down. Why get extra deserved income when you could simply be tightening your belt and considering a Quaker life. Go tea!! (no sugar and please reuse the paper cup)

  • Guest

    “Previously, John Chambers, head of sovereign ratings, said that a “good start” in the debt cuts would be around $4 million, which is a little less than half of the $2.4 million that was eventually signed by President Obama.” TRILLION, people. TRILLION. Where’s the editor for this story?

  • Anonymous

    Partisan Liberal hacks blaming everyone else? What a shock!

    What next? The Sun will come up tomorrow?

    Haven’t John Kerry and Howard Dean embarrassed themselves AND their party enough?

    • Anonymous

      Wait, it wasn’t Bush you’re saying. The van speeding over the cliff and the house destroyed from partying are the fault of the responsible adults that take over after the damage has been done? I see. So blame Democrats for problems created before this administration. I see. .. What were you saying again about blaming everyone else?

      • NonBeliever

        Oh, it was so bad we really need four more years to fix it. Your blinded by your own stupidity.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah, I want to see you take out a loan on a house and pay it back in 2 years.

          Whose the blind stupid one? Your insults are condemning your own self.

          • NonBeliever

            Yes, except your buddy Obama has spent more in two years than Bush did in eight. So you take out four more mortgages and blame the previous homeowner? You are so insightful. I truly am condemning myself. Thanks for being so smart.

          • Anonymous

            Obama was not smoking this money. Most of this is to pay for a government (including a military and commitments to SS and interest payments) that existed before. The obligations existed and were growing as 2009 unfolded. Our main problem has been shortage of revenue, the bailout, etc. These problems, the economy, were inherited. And the tea partyers refuse to charge those who had the fun and bailed. The wealthy are paying a very small amount for what they are earning and for what they control. If we don’t charge, if our revenues go down, we are obviously going to have problems paying our bills.

          • NonBeliever

            Smoking, like flushing? As in flushing money? Like the bailouts?

          • Anonymous

            Right, the Bush/Obama bailouts… I suppose you wanted a Depression like everyone was crying was about to happen?

            People do want more back from Wall Street. I agree that we gave them a gift, and they have not paid back.

            Of course, if you are against raising taxes on wealthiest bunch, then it seems that you wanted the very wealthy to benefit from the bailouts and leave the public on the hook. You should be happy with the Bush/Obama bailouts. Why are you complaining?

      • NonBeliever

        To save space…Your perfect liberal utopian idea of taking away money from one group of people to give to another has NEVER WORKED IN THE HISTORY OF TIME. We are (used to be) a great nation because everyone had a shot at becoming rich. There would be no incentive if someone were to take that from you, and no incentive on the other side if it was given to you. The liberal argument does not and will not ever work. Your raise taxes, and raise spending philosophy can not work in a micro or macro economic model. You do not raise one valid point to stop spending at pre-recession levels. The country collects less revenue now. The answer is not “get the rich”, it is spend less. Communism and socialism promotes laziness from the poor, and no initiative from the rich. Proven. Fact.

        So this is the fault of the “crazy” people who dared to deny your socialist president the right to spend however he sees fit?

        Where is your argument? Where is a valid point?

        Why don’t YOU pay extra taxes? If you are so concerned why not donate all of your income to the government?

        Who decides who is rich? If you take 50% of their money are they still rich? Then will you take another 50%? Will the poor ever have enough of rich peoples money?

        Who then will provide the jobs for people? Ah, of course, the government. But then they would need everyone’s money. And that is SOCIALISM.

        • Anonymous

          It is a fact that today we are collecting taxes from upper income at very low levels compared to decades ago when many people who lived then and now (and economists/historians) state that more people got a better piece of the pie.

          We don’t have to tax the rich at all in fact. We could just stop giving away exclusive rights to them (eg, to land, to e&m spectrum, to copyright/patent monopolies, to access to congressmen, to any US asset sales, to us bonds, to limited liability corporations, etc). We could also stop enforcing any claims they make on anyone else (so our courts would not tend to them for civil suits).

          Then they would no longer likely be very rich at all.

          Unfortunately, the wealthy insist on those levers and privileges and they keep writing most of the laws (ie, by paying armies of lawyers).

          So every time we give these exclusive opportunities, we are taking away from everyone else who is not that wealthy. We are denying many land to grow their crops and run their business (and live). We are using police and courts to keep most people from finding their land and doing their thing to make a living.

          Most people have not had the time and position to become experts in trading. They also don’t have a deep pocket to dig into. So everyone on that boat has to play a game totally tilted towards a minority. We miss out on so much potential to profit off our hard work. I agree with you that this doesn’t work, and we should not be taking from the majority to give to another group (the minority) who does a small amount of the work and has our government enforce their documents so that they get more than 10 lion share’s of the profits. No more land for them backed by our US military — that sounds good.

          We need to give EVERYONE a reasonable chance to profit off their hard work. It’s time we stop taking from the majority to give so much to the minority.

      • Anonymous

        I’m saying at what point does this administration take any responsibility? At what point do liberal Democrats admit that they have a dog in the fight?

        Ever? Has a Democrat ever done anything wrong in your eyes? Or do you wear the same brand of rose colored glasses that Obama wears?

    • Tctbone

      Haven’t the tea party embarrassed the American people enough with their outrageous behavior.All republicans think about themselves and no one else so go to hell ,

      • Anonymous

        Wow, that’s a very well thought out and intelligent reply.

        But that’s no more than I would expect from liberal (partisan) hacks who blame all the bad things in their life on everyone else.

        You voted for this administration so take some responsibility for your actions for once in your life.

        Admit your mistake.

  • Last paragraph should be trillions not millions, yes?

  • DD

    There is blame for all. But, many, many of the new tea party representatives were interviewed time and time again stating they thought the US should default. The Tea Party representatives drew the line in the sand, no bargaining, no compromise, no new revenue. THEY were the ones that acted as if their voices were and are the only voices in America. They should be ashamed but probably are not. Any person with an ounce of fiscal intelligence knows you don’t play chicken with your debt. If you do, you pay more and may not be able to get credit. The major point brought forward by S & P’s spokesperson was: the US needs revenue, the Bush tax cuts are not sustainable. The Tea Party and most Republicians have signed pledges to Grover Norquist and honor that pledge more than their oath of office and their duty to their country.

    • joe2000


    • joe2000


    • halmer

      Are you serious? Do you really think that the creditors are upset because we were about to impose discipline on ourselves. Think about it on a small level. If you went to a bank that you already owed 10k and then you let them know that if they did not loan you another 2k you would not pay back the money that you already owe. How do you think the bank would feel? More or less confident that they are going to get their money. Obama should have been assuring creditors that they would be payed. Instead he goes out and gives the exact situation I just outlined. S&P downgraded because our currency will soon be worthless and the tea party was elected to stop that, because they understand that more debt equals more inflation.

  • Anonymous

    Lie, cheat, steal, and then lie about you transgressions. It’s the Chicago way.

  • Anonymous

    Axlerod and Kerry are idiots. The Tea Party has only been there for 6 months. The cause of the downgrade started in January of 2009!!!

  • halmer

    Last time I checked, the tea party just got elected. The debt has been climbing for decades longer than the tea party has even existed. You call the Tea Party extreme. But somehow you believe that printing money is not. S&P downgraded the U.S. for the same reason it would downgrade any country that chooses not to deal with reality. “If only that damn Tea Party didn’t make a big deal about the debt. If only they let us borrow and print as much as we wanted. Then we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Do you even understand what insanity you are speaking?

  • Basic

    How about the White House “DOWN GRADING” s & p?; also; the republican party must “exorcise” the “tea party” from its ranks, our nation, our very way of life is threatened by these radicals. I say banish them from this country and send them to the dark side of the moon!

    • halmer

      Or maybe we should send them to Madagascar! You cad.

    • NonBeliever

      Yes, please come banish me.

      • Anonymous

        Maybe we need to take away your aluminium foil hats you wear to bed at night.

        • NonBeliever

          Wow, you are right. I am stupid to want lower taxes and less spending.

          • thecreativeone

            Your not very intelligent i see First off If it wasn’t for bush and his spending in military for no reason and outrageous tax cuts for the rich we wouldnt be in this mess. Let me just rap this up It took your country ass bush 8 years to destroy are economy. So its going to take obama at least 8 years to get us back on track.

  • NonBeliever

    Smaller government, less spending. What a stupid idea! Tea party people must be crazy! Liberal puke idea = spend more, raise the borrowing limit, add free healthcare for everyone. Have you people EVER won an argument?

  • Vincent

    This was the tea party’s fault. What started as a simple grassroots movement grew into a hypocritical wave that no longer cares about their original issues. If they were so worried about spending and tax loopholes then why are they so against taxing the rich, closing loopholes, and stopping the wars that are bankrupting us? This tea party thing has gotten out of hand and has become a platform for more than it was, not to mention most of these tea partyers probably don’t even realize what they’re screaming for anymore. If they did they would likely be sick. But that’s America, everyone is a dumbass here.

    • NonBeliever

      Yo VInnie,

      Same thing, NO TAXES. STOP SPENDING. Why is this hard for you? Flat tax, fair for all. Simple?

  • Politician: We can’t stop spending on our credit card. It doesn’t matter if our income (tax revenue) goes up by 100% tomorrow, we’ll find a way to increase our spending by 150% by the end of the day tomorrow. It’s all Tea Party’s fault that we can’t keep on spending on our credit cards. Even though the budget is scheduled to increase year after year (the 2T “cut” is actually a phony cut, you know) we want to spend our credit card NOW. We don’t care about future generations, we just want to spend, spend, spend!

  • california

    One reason S&P gave for the downgrade is the inability of Americans in the government to compromise to reach a true solution to the debt problem. A solution that would resolve the issue for more than a few months, more than until after the next election cycle. Blaming one side or the other for this is part of the problems that S&P identifies as demonstrating our inability to face the issue squarely and work together to eliminate it.

    Name-calling is childish and doesn’t help.

    Please let us move forward together now. We all should give something – rich and poor, east and west, urban and rural, red and blue… You get the idea. I think we can still rally ourselves in this emergency. I have to believe that for the future generation of Americans..

    • NonBeliever

      Athens verses Sparta. Let’s get this fight started, liberal pu**ies.

  • Obama should have did the right thing and do what he said, reduce the deficiet in half. Just like he said unemployment would be done. He gets an F and he and the democrats fault 100% because they have not been able to put forth a budget in last 3 years and they had no plan to deal with the debt. S&P saw Obama and Dems as not getting it, and dinged them accordingly. DUH

  • Marieberrie

    Funny story about a guy that has been on unemployment for 3 yrs. Finally he had to get a job (took him all of 2 days to get one) He says life sucks! He is living on crumbs! For 3 yrs he didn’t have to pay any taxes, got free medical, and now, he has a job and has to pay taxes! He hates it! (but still believes the answer to our problems is to raise taxes, JUST NOT HIS TAXES!)

  • Maronee Baker

    Funny, I left a very good comment for the ones with a bit of common sense, it doesn’t show up….liberal editing?

  • Anonymous

    We should all stop playing the blame game; this is a galvanizing crisis so let us all come together to extricate the country. We all know it is all Obama’s fault so let us cut $36 trillion from the budget, end Medicare, end Medicaid, end Social Security, eliminate taxes for the rich, repeal all regulations, and, finally, double the defense budget so can invade Nambia (and purchase military equipment offshore). Bottom line, it’s all the teachers fault.

    Read more:

  • This is a failure of congress, not just a single party. Congress has been spending far too much money and now its coming back to bite them in the ass. If Kerry wants someone to blame for the countries current woes, all he has to do is look in the mirror.