John Edwards Is Not Engaged To Rielle Hunter

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 08, 2011

Former Democratic presidential candidate during the 2008 elections, John Edwards, has seemingly changed his role from a politician to a topic of discussion on the Internet. The recent will of Elizabeth Edwards has again brought him into the headlines. John Edwards’ estranged wife, Elizabeth Edwards passed away after battling with breast cancer for months. Soon after her death, some of the leading news sources spread the news that the former Senator has proposed marriage to his long-time mistress Rielle Hunter. Reports also say that John Edwards has fathered her daughter. On the contrary, the latest news to hit the web is that John Edwards is not engaged to Rielle Hunter.

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Rielle Hunter’s attorney, Alan Duncan told a reliable news source that he does not believe the news of the engagement between his client and the former Senator to be true. The attorney said this when he was questioned about a report that came out in a leading newspaper which reportedly stated that the two are engaged are would get married very soon. The tabloid also reported that the John Edwards proposed to his mistress over a December vacation. Another source close to the couple also rubbished any news of the reported engagement, when a very reputed news source asked about the engagement. The source said that the couple have no plans of marriage. John Edwards previously told a reliable news source that he wanted to “become one big, happy family” with Rielle Hunter. However, he is now denying any news regarding their alleged engagement and the prospective marriage.

Now the big question that arises, is, whether what the former Senator had told previously is true or whether what he is telling now should be taken as his final verdict. It is just a matter of time to find out how his relationship with Rielle Hunter unfolds.

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