‘Jersey Shore”s Snooki Wants To Go To College, Act On ‘The Office’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 15, 2011

Jersey Shore star Snooki spoke to CNN yesterday and opened up on her plans of what she wants to do after her Jersey Shore fame ends. Amazingly, she actually has plans aside from seeing what tequila mixed with pickle juice tastes like. Not surprisingly, though, her plans are incredibly stupid.

Snooks says that in addition to writing another book and launching her own line of slippers. She also plans to go back to school to earn her degree as a veterinary technician, all while launching her acting career and hopefully landing a guest spot on The Office. What? My only guess is that since The Office is shot to look like a documentary, Snickers saw an episode and gurgled, “That show’s like my show! Me can do that!” Don’t worry; as soon as she realizes acting involves not only reading words, but memorizing them, she’ll give up on that dream quickly!

Snooki also opened up about her celeb crushes, saying that she hopes to one day get it in with Vin Diesel or Paul Walker, which is almost as hilarious as the idea of her going to college. Then again, neither of those guys are doing much acting these days. Maybe a Snooki sex tape is just what they need to revive their careers. Nah…it would be too hard for them to get roles with the permanent stink of fake tan and Cuervo that never comes off after you have sex with Snooki. It’s true. Look it up.

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