Jerry Springer Denies Casey Anthony $1 Million Deal; Anthony Still To Make ‘Millions’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jul. 09, 2011

Jerry Spring is denying reports that Casey Anthony, the mother of two-year-old Caylee who got acquitted earlier this week from allegedly murdering her child, has been offered $1 million to appear on the Jerry Springer Show hot off being the talk of the nation this week. According to reports by Radar Online, Springer apparently wanted her parents, Cindy and George, as well as her brother, Lee, to appear on the show, too.

Why? Well, the allegations that the defense made in the trial — in which lead attorney Jose Baez accused Anthony’s father of sexually molesting Casey when she was smaller — is a story that fits like a glove on the Jerry Springer Show. Springer is calling the story by Radar “100 percent fabricated,” however. Springer stated that his show doesn’t feature “known people” like Anthony, who has become somewhat of a household name to many following the trial for over a month now.

Some critics suggest that it was likely a ploy by people on the Jerry Springer Show to bring publicity to the show, whether the story was true or not. Anthony was recently offered a gig on an adult film by Vivid Entertainment, and it was then pulled later due to the “negative feedback” they received. Many say that was also a publicity stunt, too.

Despite many people continuing to be shocked and appalled that Anthony was found not guilty in three of the major counts, Angie Meyer, a publicist and media strategist, suggests that Anthony will be receiving “big money” in the future. “Big money will be involved in the deal — millions,” he says. “But those who are upset about the verdict will be upset even more if Casey is awarded a generous sum of money from networks and/or publishers for her story. It’s a disturbing trend we’ve seen trickle down throughout large cases in the past decade. Those organizations that have vilified Casey for the last few years will also be the ones to make her a millionaire.”