Jennifer Lopez Almost Signed With ‘X-Factor’ Instead Of ‘American Idol’

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 17, 2011

The Mirror, which is a newspaper based out of Britain, recently reported that former American Idol judge, Simon Cowell, nearly convinced current American Idol judge, Jennifer Lopez, to join the X Factor, which will debut on FOX this upcoming fall, instead of American Idol. The music mogul reportedly offered Lopez a ridiculously huge offer if she would agree to join his show.

The move seemed to be working but an intervention by the American Idol show creator Simon Fuller foiled the move. Fuller is paying Lopez $10 million to be the judge of his show. The newspaper quoted a source that said that, “Jennifer was perfectly happy with Idol, for which she earns $10 million, until Cowell lured her away with all sorts of ludicrous promises. Fuller flew in specially to have a quiet word with her in which he pointed out that he wouldn’t be making the Latino project she is so keen on unless she stayed.”

Cowell will be launching the US version of the X-Factor show in the United States on FOX in September. He is said to be on the hunt for a judge that would make the show click in the United States. After his bid to have Lopez failed, Cowell is reportedly poaching Jamie Foxx to be on the show. Foxx is said to be demanding very huge amount before signing for the show.

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