Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Rent Out ‘Romantic’ House In Hollywood Hills

Written by Jessica Smith on Aug. 28, 2011

Fresh off their Hawaii vacation, both Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux are moving in together, various sources confirm. According to The Daily Mail, the couple have rented a two-bedroom home in Hollywood Hills, just months after Aniston sold her mansion for $38 million.

A Us Weekly source noted that one bedroom is a master room while the other is “furnished as a guest room.” The source added, “It is a really romantic house with great views and a warm feeling in every room. If they decide they like it, it’s also for sale.”

The source is not only private and away from the paparazzi, but has a new ozone pool, a spa and a viewing deck. The two moving in together has also fueled rumors that the two are looking to start a family together.

“He’d make an excellent father,” the source said. “Since he’s a screenwriter, he could work from home and take care of a kid.”

Another source notes that the couple are just renting the place temporarily until they are able to find another home to buy.

The two took their relationship public in May and sources indicate that the two have introduced each other to their families.

  • SickofTeflonJen

    If this was any other couple who got together after having an affair, you and the media would preface your articles with a line about a her cheating scandal with Justin, and you know it. But when it comes to Aniston, she GETS AWAY WITH SOMETHING NO ONE ELSE WOULD. What is it with the media and public, that they are so ‘Jonestowned’ by her? It makes me sick how so many people are so blind-sided by this manipulative bitch that they will excuse away with Anistion what they would condemn others for. Wtf is it, that makes these people do so many moral gymnastics? The ‘marriage’ excuse is old and doesn’t work, so give it up. This is not the 1800s. Heidi and Justin had a relationship, a home and a life together. They shared a home and a life for FOURTEEN YEARS, *twice* Aniston and Brad’s merge er, marriage of convenience. 14 years is a long time. For 14 years, Justin and Heidi were common law spouses who had a home and a life together.Put down the Anistonaid. I am so sick of the brainwashed starry-eyed loonifers who will bend over doing acrobatic contortions rivalling any olympic gymnast, to excuse and defend EVERYTHING Aniston does. She is an evil cold-hearted bitch, a homewrecker, and garbage. I hope she rots in hell and karma does to her what she did to another innocent and unsuspecting blindsided woman.

    • Jojo

      sorry 4 your hateful soul

    • Anonymous

      You speak like you’re the jilted one. Seems to me his previous relationship ran its course. It happens and its no ones fault. I think they make a great pair.

    • Xyz

      Love or convenience happens.

  • Xyz

    Love that she downgraded. Means she is ready to settle down and get rid of Hollywood in her and get out of rat race.

  • Vivianle

    aniston you said may be pregnant answer that not pregnant,ok