Jack LaLanne Dies; Family, Friends Were Together During His Last Moments

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 25, 2011

The “godfather of fitness,” Jack LaLanne, who is known to many as the man who popularized the concept of healthy eating and maintaining good health, died on Sunday night. The fitness guru who is often regarded as the man who founded the fitness movement that went on to became almost a revolution in the United States, was 96 at the time of his demise. Family sources have divulged that Jack LaLanne, passed away after a brief battle with pneumonia, ultimately succumbing to it at his Morro Bay, California residence.

PHOTOS: Jack LaLanne over the years, looking strong and great at age 96

According to his daughter Yvonne LaLanne, the 96-year-old American fitness pioneer was was surrounded by his close friends and family during the last moments of his life before breathing his last peacefully without any kind of distress. Since the news of his demise has spread, condolences have been pouring in from various quarters with many of his large number of fans paying their floral tribute to Jack LaLanne’s star on the Hollywood boulevard. Family sources have divulged that a funeral service for the fitness icon would be planned during the first or the second week of February which is likely to be attended by many of his ardent followers.

PHOTOS: Jack LaLanne over the years, looking strong and great at age 96

Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his condolence at the passing away of Jack LaLanne by describing him as ‘an apostle for fitness’ while adding that his gospel was an inspiration to billions of fitness fanatics all across the world to live a fitter as well as healthier lives. Jack LaLanne’s obsession with exercising was so huge that even during his 90’s, he exercised for two hours a day.

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