Is The Engagement Of ‘Jersey Shore’ Star Angelina A Publicity Stunt?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 26, 2011

Angelina Pivarnick of MTV’s Jersey Shore is denying that her engagement to David Kovacs is a publicity stunt. Rumors started after she appeared on the Fashion Week red carpet with an engagement ring on her finger that it was nothing more than a stunt to get attention to her. Rumors then started to be spread on the Internet that the engagement was nothing more than a hoax.

Since the rumors have started, Pivarnick is fighting back, and is reportedly having her eyes set on the woman who started spreading the rumors, Lauren Lubrino, who had tried to steal her man away from her in the past. Pivarnick states that when she failed to take him away from her, she started spreading false rumors about her. “[Lauren] in love with [David]. She says I stole him from her, she says she was dating him but they were never dating. His mom tried to hook them up, but he was never attracted to her,” Pivarnick stated.

Angelina has subsequently made a report to the police after claiming that she received threats from Lauren. She is also seeking restraining order that would keep Lauren away from her. Lauren, though, has denied the allegations of Angelina saying that she doesn’t want to have anything to do with her. She wished Angelina and David all the best of luck.

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