Is Lady Gaga’s ‘The Edge Of Glory’ Video Too Simple?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jun. 18, 2011

This past Thursday, the official music video of Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory was released on the FOX reality series So You Think You Can Dance, and as it has become typical for Gaga, the video is garnering mixed reviews. Viewers watched the video on the reality series and then it was shortly afterward made available through Vevo. Critics of Gaga are calling the video “too simple” with others saying that they “expected more”. One claimed that it was “shockingly unambitious”. Most of her loyal fans, on the other hand, are defending the video.

WATCH: Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory

The reviews of the critics at least make it sound like that the music video is boring, but it is far from it. However, compared to Gaga’s latest outlandish and controversial videos over the years where aliens and birth scenes became the norm, we can see why many are not blown away by it. The video itself is still good, but it appears that Gaga has perhaps overexposed her own gritty brand so much that viewers are starting to feel like they should expect more than what they received. The video itself features Gaga wearing a black and pepper colored wig and dressed in leather Versace appear from behind a building on a deserted street corner. Shortly after the first verse begins, Gaga appears from an apartment’s window and emerges from the fire escape. At that point, smoke begins to appear from the building. One reviewer said that the video felt like “Madonna meets Cher”.

If you have yet to see the video and want it to watch it to see what all the criticism is about, we have put the video up. After watching, we have also set up a poll for you to vote on what you thought of the video. Watch and vote by clicking here.

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