Is FOX’s ‘Million Dollar Money Drop’ Legit Or A Scam?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Jan. 13, 2011

The Million Dollar Money Drop is a new television game show, with a whole lot of controversy. After only a couple of episodes, we have received quite a few emails regarding the FOX television show. Most of them questioning the reliability of the answers and the fact that no one has won any substantial amount of money.

The final question of Tuesday’s episode was, “According to a Nielsen study, every day the typical American teenager does what for the longest time?

The choices were either watch TV or surf the internet. The couple had $200,000 left and since the rules state you have to leave one answer blank they were forced to risk it all on their answer, surf the internet. They lost. One of our readers found an article on MSNBC stating there was a study by Yahoo! and ad agency Carat Interactive that says that teens and young adults spend more time online than watching TV or talking on the phone.

While this wasn’t a Nielsen study, it does contradict the answer. Back in December, a couple lost $800,000 for answering a question correctly. The people at Million Dollar Drop were nice enough to allow them to return and try again.

What do you think about the show – real or scam?? Or do they just need better fact checkers?

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