Is Carmelo Anthony On His Way To The LA Lakers?

Written by Michael Lambarde on Feb. 09, 2011

Recent reports suggest that basketball fans may very well soon see current Denver Nuggets player Carmelo Anthony heading towards the Los Angeles Lakers. Recent buzz within the basketball world indicate that a trade between the Nuggets and the Lakers may be coming where Anthony would head to Los Angeles while the Nuggets’ Andrew Bynum would head to Denver.

Basketball experts, however, have already warned that this possible trade-in may result in not so pleasant consequences for the 23-year-old Andrew Bynum is someone who is a big advantage for the Lakers along with Pau Gasol. According to sources, there have been a few rounds of discussions going on between the Lakers and the Nuggets for the proposal. It is believed that Los Angeles Lakers is the third team to go for Carmelo Anthony after New Jersey Nets and New York Knicks failed to reach a positive outcome in their attempt to rope in the basketball star. The proposal however, might sound lucrative to Carmelo Anthony who may consider shifting to Los Angeles not only for himself but for the sake of family interest as well. Carmelo Anthony’s wife, LaLa is a singer and the choice for the show-business hub is certainly not a bad one.

If he moves on to the Los Angeles Lakers, he would once again be reunited with Lakers star Kobe Bryant, whom he knows from his Olympic days. Carmelo Anthony will be becoming a free agent towards the end of this season and might just land up with team Los Angeles. However, nothing has been confirmed for as of now there has only been preliminary discussions.

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