How Arnold Schwarzenneger Cheated On Maria Shriver With His Housekeeper

Written by Michael Lambarde on May. 29, 2011

Last week, it was announced the Arnold Schwarzenegger had been unfaithful to Maria Shriver and had a secret child out of wedlock with his longtime housekeeper Mildred Patrica Baena. Now, new details are coming to light on how the affair took place. Apparently, the former Republican Governor of California complained to Baena that his relationship with Shriver was “sexless” and that Shriver was constantly out of town working.

PHOTOS: Arnold’s secret child with his mother, Mildred Patricia Baena

A tabloid explaining the details of how the affair started claims that Schwarzenegger started drinking, complaining about feeling “lonely” and “unloved”. At that point, the Governor asked Baena to have a few drinks with him, which lead to the affair about 10 years ago. Baena claims that the first encounter included lots of kissing and that they didn’t use any protection. However, according to a close friend of Baena, she wasn’t all that innocent of the affair and was “obsessed” with Schwarzenegger, to the point that she was waiting for the opportunity of the two to get together to happen, and it did. Her friend claims that Baena had a shrine of Schwarzenegger and had movie posters, pictures, action figures and other merchandise all over her house.

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