‘Housewives’ Season 2 To Be Edited Due To Russell Armstrong’s Death

Written by Michael Lambarde on Aug. 20, 2011

Following the tragic death of Russell Armstrong this week, Bravo is looking to continue airing The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but are looking to re-edit the season which many say “heavily featured” both Armstrong and his estranged wife Taylor Armstrong.

Frances Berwich, Bravo president, said that no decision has been made about whether the show will premiere as scheduled on September 5, however. The Hollywood Reporter reports that a delay will be likely, but it could be as little as just a one week delay.

Berwick didn’t mention what portions of the show will be edited out and what will be edited in, but many note that considering that Armstrong’s family is furious with the network and putting part of the blame on cable channel for his death, most content featuring him or referring to him will be removed.

Many that have seen an advanced screening of the premiere, taped over the summer, note that the premiere was Taylor and Russell centric with Taylor sharing with her fellow housewives that she and her husband were going to go through counseling. One portion of the episode even have Taylor shopping for risque clothing to “spice up” their marriage.

This, of course, puts a tough predicament on the hand of Bravo as they question what should and what shouldn’t be on the upcoming season of the series if a large percentage of the original premiere featured the estranged couple.

Taylor filed a divorce from her husband just one month before he died on July 15. Prior to his death, Russell put the reality series partly to blame for their split as well as his wife because he felt that she pushed him to do the show. “He was really upset about the whole thing and told everyone in the family that he didn’t want to be on the show,” a family member said shortly after Russell’s death.

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      As sad as this is, he was an adult and made his own decision. My sympathies go out to his entire family and his friends. May he find the peace in death he apapently did not have in life. May his family find comfort in God’s love and solace in happy memories that have on their loved one.